Podcast #128


Pegging Paradise Podcast #128

❤ Interview with Matt from Seattle!
❤ Letter from Paula the Cross Dresser
❤ Invitation to all CDs/TVs - tell me your story!

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  1. Hi Ruby,

    We’ve touched bases before, and I was just about to give you an update on my situation – you’ll be playing the music for me soon! But when I listened to the podcast this morning, I knew I had to respond. You threw down the gauntlet, and I’m picking it up!

    At its simplest, I am a crossdresser, and I very much enjoy writing about it with those who share my interests or are curious to hear my feelings on the subject.

    As Paula mentioned in the letter you read on the podcast, there’s a broad spectrum of variations on this theme, from crossdressing to transvestism, transgenderism and even paraphilia — a term I’d not heard before, but one I can definitely identify with after hearing a description of it.

    Given that wide variety of ways to express the desire/need to wear feminine clothing, it can be difficult to adequately describe where I fall in. In fact, I fit into so many categories as-relates to the kinky aspects of pegging, that its hard to tell my story in concise digest form.

    As an ‘old guy’, I’ve had a lot of years to experiment in various areas of sexuality, which has seen me evolve from a shy-guy with a secretive desire to wears stockings and panties to one who celebrates the freedom to do it without shame, and is fortunate to be able to include it in my sex life with my wife. I’m having difficulty deciding where to start, and what to include. My interests and experiences also extend to another major category on your forum — the kinky sides of pegging, which includes bdsm, spanking, shibari, exhibitionism and voyeurism. We have also been involved with swinging, where I eventually experimented with — and embraced — same gender play with other men. I am comfortable in considering myself heteroflexible or even bisexual.

    So as you can see, it’s going to be tough to do the editing to construct a history for you that doesn’t cause your eyes to bleed or nod off trying to make your way through it. But I’ll try, and you can decide if parts of my story are suitable for sharing with your podcast listeners. I’m very open to answering any questions that may crop up along the way.

    It’ll take a while to try to make some sense of all of this, but I look forward to committing documenting it and sending it off to you. Hoping I can get something coherent to you in the next several days.

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