Podcast #129


Pegging Paradise Podcast #129

❤ She's so thankful her husband finally told her what he wanted. It almost destroyed their marriage because he wouldn't talk with her! Now she loves it. (With a whole lot of work in between.)
❤ He's been waiting 6 years. They did it once and that was it. She says she doesn't know how to do it correctly.
❤ He wants to cut a bullet vibe hole in a dildo that doesn't have one - advice?
❤ They listened to podcast #112 together. He's hoping the pegging might be more frequent, now.
❤ What are my favorite products for a double and harness?
❤ Where is the Linkorama?
❤ He's been waiting over a year. A little ass play and that's it. Help!
❤ He's been waiting almost a year. They even have the equipment! Nothing was happening, until...
❤ Toy Review! Nude Impressions 03 is an advanced (large) toy with amazing prostate vibrations, but doesn't quite make the cut.



Spare Parts Joque Harness
Fuze Tango Double
We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibe
Aslan Minx Harness (for larger thighs)


Mojo Upgrade
Podcast #112
Her Strap-on Fears
Newbie Ass Play For Couples


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