Podcast #130

Buck Angel!
Buck Angel!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #130

❤ North Carolina and their new trans-phobic bathroom law.
❤ She wonders about Dominance/Submission and pegging - isn't pegging a reward and doesn't a dominant woman take pleasure in withholding a reward?
❤ The Engineer updates us...it's been 2 years, but I can almost hear the music.
❤ Lube questions - coconut oil okay?
❤ New Prostate Cancer treatment - HIFU
❤ So what the hell is the cool prostate toy that holds the We-Vibe Tango?
❤ Appreciative listener intrigued by how many women are into bisexual men!
❤ #129 guy update - they are SO close!
❤ Another #129 guy reports in - wondering about G-spot stimulation for her?
❤ He's got a Lubed Hand Problem!! What's a guy to do?
❤ He shares his experiences of edging for his girlfriend. Hot!


North Carolina HB2
Live Blogging of NC House session HB2
Debunking The Big Myth About Transgender-Inclusive Bathrooms
Heather Woodford, MSW, Gender Health Center

Magic Vibrating Prostate Toy that holds the...
We-Vibe Tango

HIFU Prostate Treatment Info
Original Prostate PSA Testing Info Podcast #104
HIFU News Report
UK 5 Year HIFU Study

Sliquid Silk
Erotic Edging Piece - "Two Weeks"


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