Podcast #104


Pegging Paradise Podcast #104

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❤ He tells me the code. Being called gay is being called unmanly.
❤ He is looking for a website for guys who like pegging. (?!)
❤ He wants to. She won't - case closed. How can he fuck himself?
❤ He wants to know about PSA screenings for Prostate Cancer
❤ Pegging Celebration Time! They are having good times!
❤ They've been married for 42 years, just found pegging and couldn't be happier! Stories to come...
❤ He's new to pegging with the wife - any hints for reaching a prostate orgasm?
❤ Midori's DIY scarf harness solves her problem
❤ He relays his personal story about his wife not liking it but doing it anyway
❤ He now knows why some women say bigger is better, He agrees.
❤ Pegging Celebration Time! They did it. It was awesome. He wants it again. She's hesitant. What to do?

Ted Talk - Brené Brown on Vulnerability
Article - I Need a Woman to Peg Me!
Article - The Case For a Pro
Article - Newbie Solo Ass Play
For fucking yourself - Suction Cup Base Dildos
For fucking yourself - Fuze Tango Double
For fucking yourself - Njoy Purewand
Men talking about prostate orgasms - Aneros Forum

PSA Screening Links
US Preventative Service Task Force - Recommendation for PSA Screenings
National Cancer Institute - PSA test fact sheet
Online Article - Interview with Richard Ablin - who discovered the antigen (not the test!)
Book - The Great Prostate Hoax - How Big Medicine Hijacked the PSA Test and Caused a Public Health Disaster
Article - New York Times Article 2011
Study Results - Gleason Score
Article - New York Times "Can Cancer Ever be Ignored?"
PDF Download - USPSTF - For Physicians - How to talk to your patients about PSA testing

More Linkorama
Extra Large Toy - Tantus Amsterdam
Extra Large Toy - Tantus Hoss
Midori's DIY Scarf Harness
Article Pegging 101 - No Fun For Her Yet


4 Responses

  1. As for responses you can use to the “are you gay?” thing that are quick or to the point without trying to elevate the conversation, “It’s not Liberace gay, it’s Viking gay.” It’ll usually at least get a laugh and nobody would say Vikings were unmanly.

    Not sure of a good serious response other than “Whatever, it feels good.”

    Worst case you just say “I lost a bet.”

    As someone who enjoys being pegged, but only 1 or people know about it (both are women) I don’t look forward to my guy friends finding out as I’ve always been the essential guy’s guy. Good at sports, with women, etc.

    If they did find out, it would lead to endless teasing, and rightfully so….it’s just how guys are wired. Being able to stand up to it and joke or fire back is key. Again, it’s just how most guys communicate. As long as you can stand up for yourself and not show embarrassment about it no one cares or thinks less of you. You might even cause a few interesting conversations between them and their wives later on.

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