Podcast #103


Pegging Paradise Podcast #103

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❤ The woman from podcast 81 checks in. 1.5 years of pegging later! Hand free orgasm attained.
❤ They share a mutual fantasy of having another man in their bed, but religious beliefs are holding them back.
❤ She blames him playing with his prostate on his eventual male fantasies and desire to explore bisexuality
❤ They bought a new dildo WAY bigger than the old one and he's having a tough time. Eyes bigger than your ass, anyone?
❤ He wants to know how to approach his wife?
❤ Complaining about the ex. She would peg him and not get much back in return. Definitely not GGG.
❤ They lose their anal virginity to each other and have insanely hot sex. He's scared of being called gay. 🙁
❤ Equipment questions with lesser known doubles - DP possibility?
❤ Equipment questions, take 2.
❤ Can pegging reduce a swollen prostate? Are there physical health benefits from pegging?

Convincing her to try it
Liberator Heart Wedge
Liberator Arche Wedge
Liberator wedge/ramp combo
Can pegging cause fecal incontinence?
Dual density Sumo 6.75" x 2.0" suction cup bottom!
Adventure Anal Spray - herbal, relaxes sphincter muscles
High Island - prostate massage study posted here
Aneros Forum - men talking about prostate orgasms!
Aneros Helix


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  1. Ruby, what the boyfriend who doesn’t want to be called gay means,. Is he doesn’t want to be called unmanly. Gay in this case doesn’t really mean homosexual but is guy talk for unmanly.
    He doesn’t want to be called it because it’s hard to respond that you aren’t unmanly after it is exposed you get penetrated. It is almost the literal definition of unmanly as it is typically and historically the woman who is penetrated.

    It’s a silver bullet put down that when used against you even jokingly, when accurate, is like a punch in the chest, because you can’t refute it. So, again while the word used is “gay,” it’s just code for unmanly and isn’t meant to be homophobic.

  2. Hi Ruby,

    Great podcast as usual!
    Regarding the dilemma that straight guys have with any sort of anal play, I’d like to refer them to the following link:

    Dan Savage On Straight Men

    Also, about health issues and prostate massage and pegging, another health issue that may be helped with pegging that you could add to your list is, chronic pelvic pain syndrome. I’ve thankfully only had small bouts (not chronic) with this, but some of the short and very irregular episodes have been anywhere from mild annoying pain, to extremely sharp bring me to my knees pain.

    Myself and a few others in the Aneros forums have found that somewhat fairly regularly stretching the anal sphincters via a fairly wide dildo (mine is 1 5/8 inch diameter) has helped with this. Others have also experimented one of the two Therawand models that is designed for therapy of this sort. But I could totally see a regular pegging practice helping with this. I love my Aneros practice, but by design it encourages the muscles to get stronger and tighten which seems to be the opposite of what helps me not have the occasional pelvic pain and in addition, solo dildoing and pegging has allowed me to have more success with achieving multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms via my Aneros practice as I suspect that pelvic tension in general seems to work against me in that regard. Some relevant links:

    A Headache in the Pelvis

    crystal wand hits the spot

    (Please note that Crystal Wand changed their name to Therawand a number of years ago.)

    Complete pelvic mucle relaxation

    My dildo discovery

    1. You are such a wealth of information, Heliostat!! I will include this information in my next podcast!
      I had seen the Dan Savage one before and I’m so glad you brought it up because it is so related to the conversation.
      On this special edition podcast #3 I interview a man about going to a pro for the second time to explore pegging, but towards the end of the podcast we discuss his experience with prostate tension/pelvic floor tension. I have since spoken with him and he told me how when he’s feeling particularly angsty or tense, that a prostate massage with his Njoy Purewand brings him a remarkable level of relaxation.
      I’m looking forward to reading those threads…

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