Day 14, Orgasm 9

I went to a FemDom party last night. It happens once a month. The affair is incredibly well managed, a wonderful event for women to enjoy being dominant, erotic, and a little twisted. There are elements of CFNM (clothed female, nude male), lots of BDSM, and some sexual stuff as well.

I had the opportunity to beat a man at this party. It's the second time that I have played with him.The first time, he volunteered to be the subject of my new riding crop, and ended up providing a much needed release for me after a very frustrating day. It was definitely a win-win. A very good night.

This man is a bit of a heavy player, meaning he can take a hard beating. This allows me to take the reins off that I so constantly monitor when playing with other partners who cannot take as much. Especially when I am swinging my riding crop. I swear that riding crop sweet talks me and I have to put it in it's place. It is a tool to be used judiciously and with care.

What this man enjoys and what I enjoy giving seem to match well. I like to cross the wires of sensual pleasure and pain. I like to give pain until he squirms or at least makes a sound (he's pretty stoic), and then do something to his body that is incredibly pleasurable. My fingers caressing his balls, my hand on the back of his neck, my body pressed up against his. It's a dance, this thing I do. And just like when you go out dancing and unexpectedly find a dance partner that you are in sync with, it's that way with BDSM play partners, too.

My shoulder is a little sore this morning, in a good way. His ass is also sore, in a good way. We shared a phone call this morning, and in our voices I could hear the smiles on our faces from last night's fun.

This man and I are not intimate in a sexual sense, even though the manner in which we 'played' was very intimate. When I arrived back home late last night and crawled into my soft bed, I used the erotic excitement of my evening as a catalyst to further fuel fantasies of very sexual play with...Chicago Man.

After 3 days of edging, my orgasm was intense, to say the least.

Achievement level unlocked.


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