Day 20, Orgasm ?

Reliving hot experiences with awesome men...yes. That has definitely provided masturbatory fodder. In fact I more often masturbate to thoughts of specific men as opposed to nameless fantasy men.

This time it's about Chicago Man, because he occupies a lot of space in my erotic treasure chest these days.

We are out to dinner. He has a vibrating butt plug in and of course I have the remote. In fact it sits right there on the table next to my plate. True, those in the know would recognize it. Even if they did, they would just smile and have a whispered conversation with their companions...and share in our erotic energy there in the dining room.

I play with that remote mercilessly during dinner. I hold it in my hand with my thumb on the button and just...hold it, having a relaxed conversation with him about nothing sexual. He squirms a little, and then more, every time I turn it on. I play with the patterns of vibrations, and the strength.

I order dessert, much to his chagrin, and coffee to accompany it. He squirms.

Finally he puts his hand over mine and looks at me with pleading brown eyes.


I see the fire. I see the need. I press the button again, and wave at our waiter.

"Check, please!"


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