Day 19, Orgasm?


One of my favorite fantasies goes way into the 'fantasy' territory.

I am Queen of a kingdom. I get the hottest men together in my castle to play once in a while. With me, and with each other. I match them up in pairs - at my whim. They are required to fuck each other while I watch. Who fucks whom is determined by a coin toss. They have all been trained to be considerate, skilled tops and receptive bottoms. This is for my viewing pleasure, but for their pleasure as well.

The scene around me is unbearably erotic as I watch what basically amounts to live gay porn all around me.

I look over and see a large muscle-bound man fucking a small, slim bottom without regard for his enjoyment. He's getting too aggressive and the bottom looks to be in pain. I order them to stop, and decide to punish the large man. All the other men stop their fucking and help to tie him down to a spanking bench. His legs are wide apart and he is very exposed.

I whip him and use paddles and leather straps on him until he is crying out with every stroke. As I beat him I lecture him on the proper way to fuck an ass. I am livid. All the other men stand around and watch the spectacle. Finally I strap on a cock just a little too large and give him a taste of what he was doing to the smaller man. He will sit carefully for the next few days.

I leave him tied to the bench, in tears, and go back to my throne, ordering the men to continue fucking each other. The smaller man I invite to kneel at my feet and push his head between my legs as I watch all the fucking resume.

It is good to be the Queen.

Note: Please know that I never condone causing pain through anal sex. The fantasy can be hot, though!

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