Day 22, Orgasm?



I remove his butt plug and throw it down on my skirt, to be handled later.

Chicago Man is so ready, in such an intense state of need.

I spank him, gently at first. I love to fuck a red, sensitive ass and I will not be denied it, no matter how intense his need is.

When the redness begins to appear, I place the head of my cock against his ass and push just the head in. It's not much larger than the plug and he takes it easily. But I pull out again and continue his spanking. He whimpers. Music to my ears.

Next penetration about an inch further, and then out again for more spanking. The sound that comes out of him is tortured and incomprehensible. Excellent. Back and forth 3 more times until finally, with loud moans from him, my cock sinks all the way into his ass.

I grab his wrists and use them for leverage as I begin to fuck him, hard and deep like he's wanted me to since I was eating my chocolate mousse at the restaurant. I turn on the vibe in my harness and just use him for my pleasure, fuck him over and over until juices run down my legs and trembling, I come hard and long against him.

I pull Chicago Man up from the couch, push him down on his knees and then onto his back, laying on the carpet. His pants are still around his ankles and his shoes are still on. He is effectively hobbled, with wrists still restrained behind his back.

His cock is hard and dripping. I climb onto him and slide it deep inside my hot wetness, swooning. Chicago Man has a nice cock. The sheer pleasure of my hot, slick pussy astonishes him and his eyes lock with mine as his mouth opens. I begin to ride him with purpose, fucking him relentlessly. Finally I place my hands around his throat and begin to squeeze. The power of the roars that come out of him seem to match the strength of his spasms, the spasms that shoot come so hot inside me, I can feel it.

It was a good idea to have that dessert.


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