Day 23, Orgasm 13

Well, well.

DomCon was quite an experience-filled weekend. All good.

Thursday night I was running late packing everything up and leaving the house for 4 days, so I missed the Mistresses dinner. Decided not to stress about it, and even found someone who was looking for a ticket to the sold-out dinner, which worked out well.

Friday I lounged around the hotel in casual clothes, not yet ready to put on any constricting fetish-wear.

Friday afternoon/early evening I had a visitor. Quite a big, strong, and fit visitor, actually.  His G-Spot skills were remarkable; I squirted twice. And I fucked him soundly for a long luxurious time. 😉 We enjoyed intensely hot hotel sex for 4 hours, before he had to leave. That really set the tone for my DomCon adventure. I walked around in a well-fucked kind of mood all weekend. So did he. 🙂

My lovely service submissive (which I found by putting an ad up in the DomCon group on arrived late that evening to begin his service and escort me to the Friday night play party. He loves serving and I had an extra VIP pass plus a hotel room. So though the chemistry wasn't right for me to engage him sexually, he served me practically flawlessly all weekend.

I had coffee fetched and brought to me each morning at the time I specified. I enjoyed doors opened for me, food brought to me, arms held out to steady me when I was in heels, and foot massages. Dressed smartly in a suit, he escorted me to play parties  both Friday and Saturday nights, and he fetched me my drinks all evening. I had his assistance dressing/undressing with corsets and boots (he even took a corset lacing class there at DomCon). I led him through giving me a back, shoulder and neck massage on my massage table, which considering he'd never given a massage before, he did quite well at. He was also fine with absenting himself from the room when I wanted time to myself.

I was very happy with my choice to allow him to serve me.

On Sunday, I taught 2 classes, and his support before, during and after was indispensable. Luggage carried to and loaded in my car. All with a smile and such earnest willingness.

It's Monday now and I really missed having my coffee brought to me this morning...

My right shoulder is still a bit sore from the beating I gave my Friday visitor, and my pussy is just a bit sore from the fucking he gave me. When I got home I replayed the sweet spots we shared in my mind and enjoyed not just one but two orgasms. Yum.

I love my life.


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