Day 30, Orgasm 17

So much fun in this pic.

Imagine if it were a socially acceptable and perhaps even common thing to do, to wear a strap-on to a party as a sign that you are up for some fun, or maybe just horny. The experience of feeling a cock hard against your leg would be something anyone could experience. That thrill of knowing you are desired, that gentle nudge of passion.

Many moons ago...I dated a man whose cock had remarkable repeat abilities. We met for hot hotel sex. I counted the number of orgasms he had from the moment we checked in early, to the moment, still smelling of sex, we threw everything into our suitcases 10 minutes before checkout time about 22 hours later. Six. Six!

So that's a fun teaser for a more detailed story and all, right? But here's the relevancy.

He walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye. And got hard against my leg. Fucking hot.

This night, the second edging night, I got a little carried away. Not meaning that I went over that orgasmic edge, no. But when that phone timer went off, I slapped it to shut it up and continued playing for another 10 minutes. Twenty-five minutes of edging! Good times.

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    1. The way video can be altered these days makes me doubt the veracity of this clip, but I suspect more women are ‘packing’ than most people realize! Just like I think more people are wearing butt plugs while out and about than anyone realizes.

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