Day 9, Orgasm 6

There are so many things happening in my life that 15 minutes now seems like a HUGE commitment, whereas at the beginning of the month it was no problem. This happens with Masturbation Month every year! The minimal time requirement is a new thing, though. You know sometimes I don't pay any attention to the time and just set an alarm on my phone. I lazily play with my body in different ways, or just caress it, taking care not to fall asleep. When the alarm rings I go for the orgasm...or not. Sometimes it's delightful just to feel tingly and wanting... my sexuality awakened and alive.

Last night I was thinking about...DomCon. This is a convention in LA that happens once a year to bring together lifestyle and pro dommes. The Hilton is brave to host us and we take care to follow all their rules. But the guests who are staying there and are not a part of DomCon? They get quite an eyeful.

This will be the second time I have attended, as a presenter (teaching my favorite subject) both times. Presenting has it's advantages. A VIP ticket for me and a guest. I already have a room at the Hilton. So I decided to be adventurous this year. I put up an ad on FetLife seeking a submissive male to serve me for the weekend. To include but not limited to:

  • providing massages
  • corset lacing and dressing assistance
  • food/coffee/beverage fetching/pouring
  • escorting to play parties and classes
  • intelligent conversation
  • sit there and look good
  • take exquisite care of me all weekend

And now my fantasy mind is going like crazy, thinking about all the fun things I could do with a slave for the weekend. Consensual and negotiated, of course, but a slave, nevertheless. It will depend on who he is...someone known to me or not? Have we been intimate in the past? Or will it be someone entirely new? Will we need to determine the chemistry between us before we decide whether sex will be part of it or not? If sex is not a part of the weekend, will I have him walk around naked when in the room with me anyway? So many possibilities! I'm already talking with a few men and it looks promising...I'll let you know what happens.

Meanwhile, thinking about all of those possibilities was exactly what thrilled me last night. He was tall, had a beautiful smile and was so very eager to please me...


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