Masturbation Month Finale

The unexpected. When gender expectations come into play. A beautiful soft-faced woman wearing ultra-feminine, lacy lingerie, pulled up to reveal a strap-on with a huge black dildo. Love this!

Pegging is about fucking (literally) with gender norm expectations, after all. No wonder I love the contrast between masculine and feminine so much. Really thrills me!

So for this orgasm...the one I got to have after three days of edging, yeah. This contrast thing came into play. My mind went back to (once again) the hunk of a man who made my Friday night such a hot beginning to DomCon. My time with him is the gift that keeps on giving, I tell you.

His muscular ass, the way those panties hugged his cheeks. The pleasure he took in wearing them. So much yumminess. So much. I fucked that man for a long time. He asked for a bigger toy twice. And because I was there at DomCon teaching, I had my toys, right? How convenient!

He was so relaxed and made some beautiful noises. It all made me so wet. He made me wetter later when he fucked me, then held me close and played my G-Spot like a boss.

All of those things were replaying in my mind as my fingers played in my lady parts. No Magic Wand this time. Just me and my bits. Still, I drew it out a little longer. Because those memories are so fucking hot.

When I finally came, I was thankful to be alone. Because I was loud. Oh so loud. And it lasted a long, blissful time.

Thank you. Masturbation Month. Thank you readers/listeners who have been playing along with me. Thank you, Joycelyn Elders, who Masturbation Month honors. Thank you to this body that is so capable of feeling pleasure. And thanks to the man who graced my bed that Friday night.

I love my life!


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