Spare Parts Joque Review

Spare Parts Joque
Spare Parts Joque

I was given this harness by Roylin Downs at Trystology, an extraordinary boutique and online store featuring contemporary, high quality, sensual products for passionate play, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

There have been many reviews written about the Spare Parts Joque. With good reason. It is one of the best fabric harnesses, bar none. There are a few other fabric harnesses, all made by Spare Parts that rival the Joque, but for now, let's take a close look at the Joque.

Comfort: This harness is ultimately comfortable. The elastic waistband is adjustable, as are the leg straps. The material used for the center of the harness is soft and silky. It feels good to the touch. While using it, the leg straps or adjustment buckles don't dig in, The wide elastic waistband doesn't roll. It fits well, whether you wear it over clothes, over underwear or au naturel. It just plain feels good to wear.

Sturdy: The elastic is quality. The construction is quality. Quality is a thing with Spare Parts. I've had this harness going on 5 years, now. (I know, and I am finally writing a review, right?) While it's looking a tad worn, there is absolutely no decrease in effectiveness of the elastic, it stretches just as well as when I first got the harness. Despite a fair amount of use, no stitching has come apart, no seams have suffered. Literally there is nothing wrong with it! Which is remarkable after 5 years of use. Durable -  an excellent investment.

Ease of Care: When you are finished using the harness, just throw it in the washer in a lingerie bag. I have machine washed this harness each time I used it, in a lingerie bag in cold water. They advise warm water is okay and the lingerie bag is a preference, not a necessity. In fact they say you can even dry it on low/delicate in the dryer. Seems like a travesty to me! I always hang mine up to dry. Just seems to accord this awesome harness with the proper amount of respect.

Good Fit and Ease of Use: The Joque is a harness that you can wear lower down so that the base of the toy sits right over the clit. Not all harnesses offer that type of fit, and a higher fit often bruises the pubic bone. If you have a dildo that has a vibe in the base, this harness will hold it in just the right spot. The waist band is made with wide, quality elastic and velcro fastenings. Then there are fine tuning straps on the waistband that allow you to cinch the harness down more securely. This 2 step adjustment allows you to just loosen the smaller straps when you take it off, and leave the larger ones fastened. The next time you use the harness, just pull it on like a pair of underwear and only adjust the small straps. The leg straps only need to be adjusted once and can be left there, too, simplifying use. Simple is good in the heat of the moment!

Toy Versatile: The Joque has a sewn in O-ring that will accommodate up to a 2" diameter toy. Smaller toys will be held securely as long as they have 1/2" base extension from the base of the dildo. (They also sell a Stabilizing O-ring in case your very favorite dildo doesn't have a wide enough base.) If you are using a 2" diameter toy, putting a condom on the toy first will allow for easier insertion into the harness. The Joque is also compatible with doubles, as the lap-over fabric behind the O-ring separates to allow the double to fit through the harness. The Joque holds a double in place quite well! I use it with the Fuze Tango and the We-Vibe Tango bullet and it performs superbly. Speaking of that lap-over fabric, it can be closed, providing a layer of protection between you and the base of the toy, or it can be opened, allowing the base of the toy to sit directly against the clitoral area. For dildos with a vibe in the base, this is an advantage.

Her Pleasure: There are two vibe pockets, above and below the O-ring on the interior of the front panel. Here's a visual to help:

Spare Parts Joque vibe pockets

Those vibe pockets will not accommodate a We-Vibe Tango, my very favorite bullet vibe, because of the horizontal orientation (the Tango is too long). I would prefer a vertical orientation, even though I'm not one for pockets that hold vibes anyway, because I engage in pegging pretty enthusiastically. Something hard between my clitoral area and the base of the toy just ends up feeling uncomfortable, no matter how nice the vibes feel. Some women who prefer soft and sensual pegging love the bullet vibe pockets option. For my vibe action, I enjoy the Fuze dildos, all of which offer a superbly designed bullet insertion that does hold a We-Vibe Tango.

One note: Because of the stretchy front panel construction, there is just a bit of give, about a 1/4" or less. In my experience, that never causes the harness to be uncomfortable or less effective, but if you like to really cinch a harness down tight enough to feel like it is a part of your body, leather will give you more of that feeling.

Bottom Line: The Spare Parts Joque is a top of the line fabric harness. The Joque does a great job of holding your toys firmly in place while pegging. It offers one of the most comfortable and carefree experiences that a harness can, which allows you to focus on all the sexy stuff. It is so well-made and well-designed (true for the entire Spare Parts line of harnesses) that no other fabric harness on the market today can even come close to comparing. I recommend this harness without reservation! It is well worth the investment.

Spare Parts Joque - 5 out of 5.


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