Podcast #139


Pegging Paradise Podcast #139

❤ Rodeoh Harness Review
❤ She pegged him, he left her for men. Support group?
❤ He suggests figging - sings it's praises.
❤ He asked her, she said yes, now many equipment questions!
❤ Pegging, Chastity and Cross-dressing adventures. He is her bitch.
❤ Chastity, a hard fucking with a large dildo and the magic happens!
❤ He wants to know if pegging is always with huge dildos, girlfriend wants to try it
❤ Spanking aficionado, aspiring peggee, and aspiring erotica writer graces our forum
❤ Real Education for Healthy Youth Act - Bill requiring Comprehensive Sex Education
❤ Gender Fluidity - a listener speaks to living outside of gender binary constructs


Rodeoh Harness Review
Sex Butter
New to Pegging
Equipment Podcast #102
Fuze Tango
Aslan Leather Jaguar
Double-up cuff
Spare Parts Joque
Pegging Paradise Forum - Erotica!
Real Education for Healthy Youth Act - Contact your representatives!


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