Podcast #155


Pegging Paradise Podcast #155


❤ Ban GOP politicians from bathrooms?
❤ Their Pegging journey story, with all the stops and starts!
❤ She's on board, he wants more and bigger, is worried about telling her
❤ Size King builds skyscrapers, and waxes poetic about pegging
❤ He's ready to try pegging, but finds nothing only dominatrixes
❤ Mistress Luci recommends Oxballs Rosebud
❤ This man has done interesting things with drum tripod stands
❤ Pegging and Podcasts help him to find the road to healing


More GOP politicians have been arrested for sexual misconduct in bathrooms than trans people
Podcast #112
DIY Scarf Harness
Tantus Grab Bag
Mistress Luci's Tumbler

Fuze Tango
Real Nude Sumo
Real Nude Suko
Oxballs Rosebud
Sliquid Silk
Sliquid Sassy


2 Responses

  1. Love your comments on the Rosebud by Oxballs. It looks like real fun and a real challenge!

    The fact that it is made of quality silicone might get me interests in some of their product line after being disappointed by several of their toys made from TPR which seem to self destruct and tear after a few uses 🙁

    1. Yes – TPR is not a good material for a number of reasons. I can’t wait to get one of these and test it out! Normally I test out a toy before using it on a partner, but I might just make an exception this time…color me intimidated.

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