Day 13 Orgasm 16

Oh that smile!! Gotta love it. Masturbation makes us all pretty happy campers, am I right?

I went to my Chiropractor recently, and he remarked on the looseness of my upper back. I've been exercising a bit more than usual, but not that much. That's the reason I gave, though. In reality, I think it was the masturbation. Did you know that in the lead up to orgasm, natural steroids are released in the body? Well no wonder my back was looser!

She toyed with the dildo and smiled at him. They were in a small sex toy store and he was embarrassed as hell. Not because they were looking at sex toys, because they were looking at toys that she could fuck him with! Which basically announced to everyone in the store that he wanted to be fucked up the ass. Which was true, damn it, but he didn't want the world to know. In fact he didn't want anyone to know except the lovely woman who stood next to him with the devilish grin on her face.

"Which one, sweetheart?" She held up a bright pink ridged one and an all-too-realistic veined one, both about the same size.

He controlled his urge to snap at her and tell her not to hold them up so high, because he knew it was all about his own embarrassment. He struggled to find his words.

"Oh, babe..." She said quietly, taking in his discomfiture. "This is hard for you, isn't it." It was a statement, not a question.

He gave her a tight smile and nodded, looking down.

"I'm sorry. I'm just excited, that's all. My bad."

"No, its - it's okay. I'm just not used to doing this anywhere but online, that's all."

"Hmmm. Good point. So do you like either one of these? We can go home and get online, if you want."

"Ummm...I like the pink one." Again with the looking down. Anything but meeting her eyes. The woman he loved more than life itself. The woman who knew him inside and out, who he'd spilled it all to. Exciting and fucking scary, this was.

Last night she'd fucked him for the 3rd time with the beginner dildo they bought online. The experience was as mind-bending as usual, but he found himself craving something larger. He confessed that shyly afterwards, when he was laying in her arms.

She was totally down with that idea. This morning after breakfast, she suggested they take a drive downtown to the toy store. He knew he'd get fucked again if they could find what they wanted, so he said yes. But he hadn't thought about what it would feel like checking out dildos in a public place. And it wasn't comfortable for him. He felt like everyone in the store could tell that the dildo was going up his ass, even though in her pussy was a possibility, too. Surely all they would have to do is look at him to know it was for him. It had to be written all over his face.

She smiled and pulled a packaged pink one off the shelf and replaced the display model.

They made their way up to the cashier and waited for another couple to buy their nipple clamps and handcuffs.

Handing the dildo to the cashier, the lovely woman who so enjoyed fucking his ass said, "I can't wait to see how this feels!"

The male cashier chuckled and said, "Well I hope you enjoy it."

Out in the car, he pulled her to him for a quick kiss before starting the car.

"Thank you. That was sweet of you."

"Right?" She laughed and grinned, quite happy with herself.

"So tonight, when we try this pink piece of pleasure out, I'm going to lay back and watch you ride me, okay? I want to see you sink it all the way deep inside your ass." Her voice got husky.

His cock got hard immediately. That was a position they hadn't tried yet, one he'd really been wanting to.

He kissed her hard in response and she squeezed his hard-on through his jeans.

He started up the car and put it in reverse.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." She laughed delightedly.

Dinner was going to be quick. Maybe they'd just wait until afterwards...


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