Day 14 Orgasm 17

Mother's Day. A day somehow at odds with sexy stuff, in my mind. I mean, I could picture a man lovingly fucking his wife, the mother of his children, on Mother's Day after all the breakfast in bed stuff and celebratory dinner things happen, and the kids are fast asleep. But that was not something that ever happened in my life. I did, however, have an outstanding Mother's Day today, that echoed back to one of the best Mother's Day gifts I have ever received.

A few years back, when the Avengers movie came out, it happened to be on Mother's Day. My daughter and boyfriend at the time bought tickets for the midnight showing and went early to get good seats because it was open seating and they let people in at 10pm. I waltzed in there at 11:45, sat down in a great seat and watched a hell of a movie! So much awesomeness.

This year we had a late dinner at a Korean BBQ where it's all about various types of meat and seafood. You cook your food on a grill in the middle of the table and enjoy it with various sauces and rice. All you can eat! So much fun. We ordered drinks first, and they took absolutely forever to arrive. When my margarita was finally sitting there in front of me, I swear the bartender put twice as much tequila in my drink to make up for it. Yikes, that was a strong drink! Then, with full stomachs and a good buzz, we sauntered over to the theater across the way and enjoyed a 10:30pm showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! Good times.

So it's a good thing that earlier in the day I rubbed one out, knowing I'd have a busy evening! It's all about the planning, people. Well, I planned well enough to rub one out, but not well enough to write a So catching up, here you go.

My fantasy world.

We live together. We enjoy an intense and playful connection that sees us through all life has to bring. He serves me, takes care of me and submits to all my sexual desires. I can bend him over and take his ass any time I like. And I do. Often. I can do as I please with him. When I take him, he melts, he cries, he trembles, and he loves it. The tears are always good tears, and he reminds me of that often enough for me to fully trust it. I enjoy making him edge in the mornings, and wear butt plugs out in public for me. I want him to always be in a state of wanting. Every once in a while, all the constraints I place upon him get to be a bit much and he asks permission. Permission to fuck me. When given, he's an animal. I have to be ready for it. He takes me repeatedly until he's satisfied, and I'm sore. He devours me. The intensity of it gives me an appreciation for what he accepts from me on a regular basis. I often leave him sore and marked. Usually from my crop on his ass. Occasionally from a cane. Very occasionally, from a long ass-fucking with multiple toys and multiple orgasms. After a session like that, every time he sits down he is reminded of my ownership of his ass. I am inordinately lucky that he loves this dance we do. He loves the soreness. He loves feeling owned. He loves it all.

A better sexual Venn Diagram I could not envision.


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