Day 15 Orgasm 18

So much sitting. So much writing. So much masturbation! May is a challenge for me in more ways than one. Pegging Paradise's birthday also comes during May, which includes an additional celebration. So much celebrating! Whew.

Perhaps that's why I was so tired last night. Made the mistake of not masturbating until I climbed into bed, very tired. I dialed up some porn on my phone, put my earphones in and grabbed that G-Kii. I slid it into place and started watching and playing. But I was in a fickle mood, so I'd be in the middle of watching a clip that totally turned me on and then they would do something that spoiled it for me and I'd have to find a new clip. I'm not always like that with porn. I'm able to shut out the parts I don't care for most of the time. But I guess it was just that I was tired. So it took me way too long to have an orgasm. I  mean, sometimes that's fun, surfing porn and riding the edge of pleasure until I find the magic clip and it sends me over the edge. But remember I was tired? Yeah, just wanted to be done. I was determined and finally attained my peak nearly an hour later. Was wishing for that fucking Magic Wand at that point, I tell you. Magic Wands are efficient.

But I had my damn orgasm, thankyouverymuch. And it was good, like they all are!



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