Day 16 Orgasm 19

Someone needs to give this young lady a lesson on safe toys...because that one looks suspicious! Though she definitely looks like she's having a lovely time.

I took a long, hot bath this evening and had some fun with the G-Kii one more time, because guess what? It's waterproof! Yep. Versatile is an understatement. Getting really fond of that toy!

So what was going through my mind as I soaked in that hot water and indulged in some awesome self-pleasuring? I replayed an old fantasy that is one of my favorites. Total fantasy, this one. Fantasy world.

I rule a kingdom, and get to choose whoever I want in my bed, and command my subjects to do whatever turns me on. It is good to be the Queen.

This particular night I have some of the men who are usually my guards, and I tell them to get naked. I'm sitting in my throne, watching the proceedings. First I have them pair up and give each other blowjobs, but not to completion. I tell the men who were receiving to fuck their partner. I see one big guy mistreat his partner and shove his cock in too fast. I hear his partner yell in pain. I stop the action and have the big guy tied over a bench. I beat his ass enough so that he will feel it every time he sits the next day, and especially when he is riding his horse. And them I fuck him slowly, exquisitely, building up the pace until he comes all over the bench underneath him. I admonish him that that's the way you fuck someone's ass.

Then I beat his ass again, simultaneously giving him a verbal lashing about never wanting to see him make that mistake again. By the time I am done with him, he's in tears and begging me to stop. His ass is marked nicely. Then I invite his partner, the one he rushed, to fuck him as hard as he wants, as the big guy is already warmed up. Big guy has yet another hands-free orgasm and his partner comes hard, deep inside that marked-up ass.

Recurring themes for me - justice, sadism, pleasure, bisexuality


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