Day 17 Orgasm 20

OMG OMG OMG. New toy!

The G-Kii was set aside to rest tonight in favor of something new...because I most definitely like variety.

And you know, in case y'all are wondering why I just don't use my hand - I can certainly do that. But after 26 years (and counting) of massage, the wrists appreciate my use of toys (especially the right one). Especially the G-spot stuff. Toys rock.

The Lelo Ina 2 is pretty damn awesome. It's like a modern, upscale rabbit. You can turn the vibrations on for your G-spot and your clit, both, one or the other, alternating, higher, lower, patterns! Yes, I had some fun with this toy.

Let me take just a moment and say that this is absolutely one of the advantages of not only being a sex educator, but working with Tiffany and Entice Me. I get samples!!!! Anyone looking for the most fun job ever? Want to be a Sexinista and hold Sexy Soirees? (not to be confused with 'pleasure parties'. :-P) Not to mention helping all kind of people learn about body-safe non-toxic toys and add so much pleasure to their lives? Give her a call. Tell her I sent you. (714-386-9684)

I saw a man at Trader Joe's who grabbed my attention so much that I had to work not to stare at him. He was reaching for something on a shelf and the short-sleeved shirt he was wearing bared his bicep, which looked quite tasty. Long dark curls, the kind I love to pull. And of course a lovely ass in a pair of jeans that fit. Mmmmm. I felt my clit throb a bit as I stared and pretended to be looking at the coffee.

So in the wee hours of the morning, when I finally crawled into bed, it was that man I was seducing, slipping my finger in his ass while I whispered hot things in his ear. With much convincing on my part and much pleasure on his, he finally let me fuck him. His first time. His moans made me wet, and imagining all this made me come pretty hard with that lovely Ina 2.



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