Day 19 Orgasm 22

He didn't want to. He really didn't. But she'd given him explicit instructions, and expected him to follow them. He stood there in the Victoria's Secret, feeling embarrassed to be there by himself to begin with, touching a pair of silky purple panties. Sure, he could be there buying a gift for his girlfriend, but he felt like everyone there knew those panties were for him.

A saleswoman approached him from behind.

"Can I help you find anything, Sir?" Immediately his cheeks felt hot. He wanted to drop the panties and run away, but he stayed the course and picked up the purple panties.

"Yes, actually. I, um... I need help with selecting the right size here."

"Okay, I can help you with that. Do you know the size of the person you are buying them for?" He noticed she said 'person', that was interesting. Maybe Victoria's Secret was evolving a bit.

"Waist 30, slender hips...." He stood there, unable to meet her eyes, in his 30 inch waist slim fit jeans.

She didn't have a clue, or if she did she didn't let on.

"Well, for a snug fit I'd get the medium, especially with slender hips. A looser fit would be the large."

He felt at a loss to make a choice, and in that moment decided to tell her.

"I have no idea which to choose, but if this helps... they're for me." He looked at the floor and felt more embarrassed than he could ever remember feeling in his life. More than when his mom walked in on him jerking off when he was 16. More than when he'd walked in on his dad fucking his new girlfriend after his parents divorced. The seconds before she spoke felt like an eternity.

"That absolutely helps, sure." She took it seemingly all in stride and looked at the fit of his jeans, walking around him.

"Get the medium. Those will fit just right." He was so grateful for her professionalism, how unfazed she was.

"Oh, okay, thank you!" He looked up and met her eyes gratefully. "So I'll have room for...everything?" He could think of no other way to ask the question in a polite manner.

"You will. The cut of these in front is generous, so you're fine." She nodded, pointing to the pair he still held in his hands.

"I can't thank you enough."

"My pleasure, Sir. The cashier is over there when you're ready. Thanks for shopping at Victoria's Secret!" She smiled at him and walked away, heading toward another customer.

His fingers caressed the fabric, and inside he swooned. The excitement of purchasing his very first pair of panties was overwhelming. He couldn't contain his smile.

He drove home feeling proud that he'd done as she asked, and beside himself with anticipation.

Later he was near tears when he stood before her, naked, and pulled those panties up over his ass, adjusting his package in front. The tears were because she accepted him so completely for exactly who he was. They were tears of relief that he didn't have to hide this part of himself, and tears of gratitude.

"Purple is a good color on you, Sweetheart. Good choice, and nice fit! You look beautiful in them." She saw his shiny eyes, came to him and took him in her arms."Oh, Honey. It's all good. In fact, it's all amazing." Her hands ran over his ass, and it felt exquisite.

"Will you cook dinner for me dressed like that?"

He nodded, too emotional to speak.

She stayed in the kitchen while he cooked, sitting at the bar. They talked about their days. He told her about the saleswoman at Victoria's Secret. Every once in a while, she would slide off of her stool and come over to him, run her hands all over his panty-clad ass and cock until he was hard and sticking out of the top of the panties, and then go sit back down. So erotic. So fun.

Later she put on her strap-on, took him to bed and spooned him, pulling down his panties just far enough to fuck him slowly and sweetly. He rubbed his cock through the panties until he came. There was something so unexpectedly liberating and special about that moment, he knew he'd never forget it.

She talked softly in his ear while they lay there, her cock still inside him.

"I want you to get up and wash those panties in the sink and hang them up to dry. Because you will be wearing them tomorrow, all day. In fact I think we need to make a trip to Victoria's Secret, because one pair is clearly not going to be enough for you." She kissed the back of his neck.

He grabbed her arm and hugged it tight to his chest.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too, Sweetheart."



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