Day 20 Orgasm 24

They weren't newcomers to pegging. They'd done it a handful of times, enough for her to get good at it. He loved it. They both did, but he was still adjusting to the role reversal. After the last time, they talked a bit about how that was a struggle for him because he was so used to being in control. She told him that when he came home that Friday night from work, she was going to show him what it felt like to just receive. She was going to give him the focused attention he usually lavished on her. The intent was to kind of switch roles for the night. It was his turn.

He walked in the front door and could tell it was game on. The lights were dimmed and there were candles lit, fire in the fireplace. Atmosphere deluxe. She appeared from around the corner dressed in a sexy low cut dress.

"Welcome home, Darling!" He laughed. That how he usually greeted her. She took his coat, hung it up and led him into the kitchen, where an open bottle of Merlot awaited. She gestured for him to have a seat at the kitchen table and poured the wine.

He marveled at her detail to attention as the evening progressed. This is exactly how he seduced her when they first met! He was urged to put his feet up and drink wine while she cooked. She came over rub his shoulders and kiss his neck in between cooking. His shoes were removed and feet rubbed. She served him dinner, refilling his wine and fetching anything he needed while he was admonished to stay where he was and relax. He wasn't allowed to lift a finger.

When they moved to the bedroom he saw she'd laid out their toys and covered the bed with a large blanket. He was definitely getting fucked tonight.

She stripped him of his clothing, piece by piece, with so much kissing in between. Whenever he started helping, she gently reminded him of his role with a soft spoken "No, let me."

Once naked, she pulled her dress over her head and joined him. She bid him lay down, and began kissing and caressing every inch of his body. This is what he loved to do to her! Soon he was writhing and moaning like she usually did, too. He just wanted more...more!

She donned her cock and still, kept teasing. A little bit of head, more kissing, a little stroking between his cheeks, until he was desperate for her cock.

"Fuck me! Please!"

And still, she teased. Turning him over, she slowly circled his asshole with her tongue and he wondered why it felt so much better than it ever had. Perhaps because he wasn't running the show.  He wasn't thinking about what to do next. He was just receiving pleasure. Her tongue snaked in his ass. Dear God, so much pleasure.

Back over onto his back and at last she slid her cock in, watching as he swam deep in the sensations it gave him. She fucked him slow and sweet, his legs over her shoulders. He felt...taken by her. She was playing him perfectly. She moved him around in various positions and just kept fucking him. It was so intensely erotic to feel almost thrown around the bed, as she moved him with an authority he'd never experienced before. No one had ever done that to him. Actually he'd never allowed anyone to do that to him. That was more accurate. She started jerking him off while she fucked him and his cock exploded between them. He couldn't talk for a bit (like she usually couldn't!). He trembled and clung to her, riding out the intensity of his orgasm. She held him and slowed her movements. Just like he always did with her. Wow.

Role reversal rocked.

Achievement unlocked.


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