Day 21 Orgasm 25

She leaned back in her chair and sipped her martini. This was a great game. She smiled at her husband across from her. Swanky restaurant. They were enjoying a splendid meal. He picked up his own martini and gestured a toast.

"To games!" He said with a big smile.

"To games, indeed!" She laughed and took a drink.

A small plastic device lay on the table next to her plate. She reached for it, and his eyes were glued to her movements. Her finger hovered over one of the buttons. His body seemed to tense in readiness.

The device was a remote. The remote controlled a vibrating butt plug in his ass. His ass had been subject to thrills every time she pushed that button during dinner. Dinner was, consequently, even more delicious than usual.

Instead of pushing the button, she picked it up and held it out of his sight, under the table. Up to this point, she'd let him see when she was going to push it, wanting to avoid an unprepared yelp or reaction from him. He'd been a champion at concealing his reactions. The only reaction she could notice was a pause or a clenched jaw muscle. She was impressed.

When they initially tried this at home, he hadn't been so good at it. So they practiced. She wanted him to be able to feel that buzz in his ass and not make a sound. Practicing was fun, he decided. First she let him see when she was going to turn it on. He got used to that and then she trained him not to make a sound even if the plug buzzed in his ass with no warning. Throughout all that, she paddled his ass if he uttered any noise. After a few days with a sore butt from the paddling, he got it right.

Then she added the difficulty of turning the plug up to it's highest setting. More days of sitting down carefully at work, but he eventually mastered that as well.

It was at that point she announced he was ready. They were going to take this game out in public for a spin.

Right there over the crab, she was upping the game to the surprise level. That carried a higher risk of discovery, if he should slip. That's not what concerned him, though, she knew.

If he managed to control himself here at dinner, she promised to fuck him when they got home. He was desperate for that. She'd been making him practice with the butt plug, but had not fucked him in 2 weeks. Her husband would prefer to be fucked at least twice a week, if it were up to him. Most of the time, it wasn't.

The waiter showed up and asked if they wanted another drink.

"Absolutely," she said. "Darling?" She glanced at him for his answer. In her lap she pressed the button right as he opened his mouth to speak.

No words came out. Her husband had opened his mouth but nothing came out, and he seemed rather frozen for a couple of seconds. The waiter surely thought he was just trying to decide, never in his wildest dreams imagining the truth of the situation. That this man was trying not to moan with delight at the thrilling sensations in his ass, not that he was deciding whether he wanted a second martini.

"Sure, I'd love another." His voice was calm, relaxed and confident. He glared at her triumphantly. She turned the plug off and smiled at him.

"Well done, my love." Her voice had more than a touch of admiration in it.

"Thank you, Sweetheart."

Their game continued though the shared Crème Brûlée and glass of port. He never faltered.

In the car on the way home, he objected to her use of the plug when he was answering the waiter.

"That was dirty pool! I was going to speak, so you could have said that counted against me! You put me in a very difficult position."

"I did, and you still managed to find a way to win!" She laughed.

" I claim a spanking the next time you bottom. For your punishment." His tone was indignant and a tad self-righteous. She knew it was all in fun. Once a month she let him have control and bottomed for him; that was the balance that kept them both very happy.

"Agreed. It was worth it!" She dissolved into laughter once again.

They arrived home in high spirits, feeling playful and close. He went off to jump in the shower and prepare for his fucking. He was absolutely jubilant that he was going to get fucked. She was already naked and putting on her harness. She chose the double for tonight, and played with the vibe as he was showering.

She owed him a good long fucking and meant to give it to him.

He'd won the game.

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