Day 22 Orgasm 26

The water sprayed down on him. It felt warm and delicious. Or perhaps the deliciousness was because of what he was planning. She would be gone for at least 3 hours, and had left just 30 minutes ago. She took the kids to the fair for the afternoon. The whole family had gone yesterday, but they bought weekend passes and the kids begged to go again today. She volunteered to take them so he could stay home and relax. So sweet of her, really. They traded favors like that back and forth regularly, and he believed that was one of the reasons their marriage remained strong; they treated each other like treasured friends. Because they were.

He pushed the suction cup dildo against the tile wall of the large shower, being careful to put it at just the right height. This was a new toy and he was excited to use it for the first time. Just 1/4" wider than his previous one, it should challenge him just enough but not too much. His dick was already hard in anticipation. He put some silicone lube on his fingers several times and pushed them in his ass, spreading the leftover on his dick. He bent over and placed the head against his slick hole.

God, he loved things in his ass! He'd discovered that about 6 months ago. They'd been at a party and she was pretty lit. He was the designated driver, and got them home safely. She was all over him from the moment they walked in the door. Kids were at a sleepover so they had the house to themselves. She'd been ravenous for his dick that night, riding him until she came and then sucking him until he exploded in her mouth. What made him explode faster was her finger in his ass! Best he could figure she'd gotten it wet in her pussy, with her own come. She played around the outside of his ass for a bit and then slowly but insistently slid it right in. He was about to tell her to stop, but her lips and tongue on his dick felt so good he didn't care. Then the unexpected happened and he exploded, just like that! Her finger in his ass had made him come faster that he'd ever come before! She faded off to sleep and he was still laying there amazed. WTF?

He took a long time to come, always had. She didn't mind. They would fuck for a long while first and then she'd give him head until he finally came. Or if they didn't have time, he'd take over and jerk off while she kissed him and played with his balls. He wondered if it was a one time thing because of the moment, or if that would happen every time.

He got online the very next day and did some research. Didn't take him long to find out about prostate pleasure. On the way home from work the next day, he stopped at the sex toy store and got a small butt plug. He didn't tell her because he felt embarrassed. Figured he would try it out and if it was nothing, then so much the better that he didn't tell her. She hadn't remembered anything about their play the next morning, or if she did, she didn't say anything.

The first time he had a chance to try it out wasn't until the kids were asleep one night and she was out of town at her mom's. From the moment he slid the plug in his ass he knew he'd stumbled upon something special. He got off 3 times that night. Once it felt like he came but nothing had come out of his dick. The next day both his dick and his ass were a bit sore, and he was quite tired from the lack of sleep, but smiling wide when his wife came home.

After that first experience, he played with his ass every chance he got, which wasn't often enough. He bought a few more toys, bigger ones. He still didn't tell her. What would she think? How could he tell her? He couldn't imagine finding the right words, and was scared of her reaction. But he loved it too much to quit. No question about that. This toy he was pressing into his hungry ass was almost exactly the size of his dick, which blew his mind. He had a good-sized dick.

He leaned back against the toy and the head pushed past his sphincter. He stopped for a moment and let the stretching sensation pass before sliding it in to the hilt. His ass felt so full! Full and amazing. He knew he would love this toy but hadn't anticipated it feeling quite this good.  He spread his legs apart, bent his knees and put his hands on them. Then he began arching his back and then flattening it, pulling the toy in and out. This was his favorite way to fuck himself.

After a half hour of play he'd enjoyed 2 hands-free orgasms and decided his legs were trembling so much he needed to sit down. He replaced the dildo on the bench seat and lowered his ass down onto it. In that moment he was infinitely glad he'd built such a large custom shower for the master bath, as it was certainly coming in handy at the moment. He scooted back and forth on the dildo and jerked off, taking his time and enjoying every sensation. Finally he sat there still and clenched his ass around the dildo, stroking his dick hard and fast. His resulting orgasm sprayed come onto the ceiling of the shower and his yells could have alerted the neighbors, if he hadn't remembered to put on rock music medium loud before he went into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Best orgasm ever. Ever!

He knew he had to tell her. Scary as hell, but he couldn't keep hiding this from her because it felt like the sex life he had with himself was more exciting than the one he shared with her, and that was some fucked-up shit. Yes, he would tell her tonight.

Cuddling together that night, the kids fast asleep and after they'd just had some great sex, he decided the time was right. He took a deep breath and started to speak...


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