Day 25 Orgasm 29

I tied him down, That's exactly what I did. He told me he wanted to experience domination, impact play and enthusiastic pegging. I laughed when he used the word 'enthusiastic'.

"It's true. I can find girls my own age to peg me but they don't know what they are doing and they're really not into it."

That was hard for me to imagine. Such a fine ass, pretty blue eyes and he kissed like a dream. How could you not want to fuck that? I certainly wanted to fuck him. And kiss him and beat him and bury my tongue in his ass until he squirmed and moaned. And then fuck him some more.

Am I guilty of objectifying men now and again? Absolutely. I love their curves. The curve of their lips, their biceps, their thighs, and of course their ass. I love a thick head of hair, a quick smile, and an interest in exploring sexuality.

That's what brings them to me; the desire to experience something different. Since shades of grey all the girls want to be spanked. It can get old, when the guys are the ones yearning to feel a hand come down on their own ass.

A few here and there are rather irresistible. He was. I tied him down and fucked him until he couldn't take it any more. And we did it again a couple of weeks later. And again.

I beat him and he loved it. He wanted more. He wanted marks. He wanted it all. He jumped into the experience so passionately and wholeheartedly; it was beautiful to behold. It was a privilege to hold his reins for a time and show him just how fucking hot kink could be.

Missing the kissing and the blue eyes. Missing the cock. Missing the passion.

Wondering if the next young man I find irresistible will ever match the intensity of that experience.


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  1. Wow Ruby this was hot. Re reading this from the guys viewpoint of this woman sent me over the top.

    In response I write….To the dom I know not.
    Somewhere out there, wherever you may be.
    I will know you when I see you.
    Your knowing look and glance
    Unmistakable the sign then…..
    I will give myself to you,
    objectify me
    To satiate your lust upon me.
    With each thrust make me yours,
    as I open myself to you
    make me the instrument of your wants and needs
    make me dance the joy of ecstacy
    bring out of me, then tame my wild beast within
    then…..lock me until next time.

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