Day 26 Orgasm 30

Miss me? Did you picture me madly masturbating in bed, unable to stop? Unable to even get to the computer to record the delightful fantasies flowing through my mind as my juices flowed?

I did indeed fall off the radar for a bit, but am back on track and dedicated to finishing off masturbation month 2017!

I've already heard from at least one listener who enjoyed a 100% record for the month.

Me, too. 🙂

Here's some more erotica - enjoy!

She sliced the mango, and let the juice run down her fingers, not caring about the mess it was making. They were on the beach in Hawaii. What was a little mango juice? They would just dive into the water afterwards. She cut off a piece and handed it to her husband, who sat next to her. By the time they finished eating it, they were both sticky with juice, and she'd made a decision. Time to play.

"Follow me!" She took off into the waves for a quick rinse. He followed leisurely.

"Come on! Keep up!" She was already starting to come out of the water, heading to their belongings on the beach.

He dove in the water and then ran up the beach to catch up to her. She'd already grabbed up the beach bag and was trotting towards their hotel.

"Honey! What the hell? Is this a race?" He kicked it into high gear and caught up with her just as they were coming up to the pool. Unexpectedly, she dropped the beach bag and dove in, swimming underwater to the other end and climbing out. She didn't stop, but trotted back to pick up the bag, water dripping off of her everywhere.

"I said keep up, sweetheart!" He dove in and swam to the other end, surfacing to see her skipping off to their room. The people at the pool were smiling and staring at their playfulness. He sprang out of the pool in hot pursuit.

He was only 20 feet behind her when she hit the patio, threw him a towel to dry off a little before they went in.

He knew this mood. He'd seen it many times over the years. They had honeymooned in this very beach front apartment and vowed to come back every year for their anniversary. This was trip number 4 and he swore each year got better. Last year, they had recently discovered kink. They brought gear with them to play, and stayed in their room for most of the trip - and that was not a bad thing. Since then she had firmly grabbed the reins of their sexual relationship, much to his delight.

After getting most of the water off of themselves, she led him inside and pulled the gauzy curtains that afforded them privacy but still let in the light. She stripped him of his bathing suit and took hers off as well, throwing them into the bathtub to be tended to later. After their play, after their fun. His cock hardened in anticipation. She slipped her elastic band off of her hair and put it around his cock and balls. He grunted as she snapped the band against the top of his cock. Yes.

She pulled out one of the dining room chairs and placed it in the living room, bending him over it with his hands on the seat.

"Back straight!" She barked the order at him before disappearing into the kitchen.

"Yes, Ma'am." His body was at a right angle, his ass presented to her, for her pleasure.

He heard drawers opening and closing. She returned with 2 wooden spoons and a kitchen towel. He wasn't sure what the kitchen towel was for but was happy to see the spoons. Oh boy!

When they left for this trip, he was concerned with how little gear she packed compared to the year before. He was ready to bring even more things! She told him not to worry about it, so he didn't. The woman was a master at planning and when unexpected things happened and plans changed, her creativity was unmatched. He was happy to put himself in her hands. The only thing she packed was the strap-on and the lube. If there were only two things he would've insisted upon, that would have been it, so he kept quiet.

Bending over that chair, he felt her hands on his ass, appreciating it, caressing it and saying hello to it before the first wooden spoon kissed his ass cheeks. She warmed him up first, and then put him through his paces until it was truly difficult to keep still with each stroke of the spoon. She ended up breaking them both on his ass. Then she twisted up the towel and began snapping it at his tender cheeks, using it for target practice while giggling madly. Every once in a while it would land perfectly and he would yelp. He closed his eyes and breathed. Enjoying the sensation of his sore ass, aching cock, and full balls.

She surprised him by dropping to her knees and separating his ass cheeks, sinking her tongue in his hole. This was her specialty, unexpected pleasure amidst the pain. God, he was addicted to it.

After her tongue came fingers, opening him up for a good fucking.

She pulled him over behind the white leather couch and opened the curtains a bit. The back of the couch was high enough to hide his angry red cock as well the strap-on she had fastened onto her hips.

As the sun went down in Hawaii, painting the sky with brilliant shades of gold, orange and red, she fucked him. She stood behind him and fucked his sore, red ass, holding onto his hips and only stopping when people came by on the path just beyond their patio. His hands on the back of the couch kept him steady as her sizable cock owned him. She made him come right as the last slivers of light were disappearing into the ocean.


He stood at the checkout counter the next morning, settling the bill. The woman looked at her computer screen and typed.

"Both of them?" Her eyebrows raised in question.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Both of the spoons, the wooden ones. Please just put it on our bill. My wife gets a little too enthusiastic when she's cooking." He smiled, but his smile was because of the parts of his body that were sore, all of them perfect reminders of their last night in Hawaii. He couldn't wait until next year.

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