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Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #177

❤ Patreon Update
❤ A little bit 'o politics
❤ He's in Puerto Rico, recovering from hurricane Maria, wanted to say hello
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ She discovered his toy stash, he tells her about pegging, and they get there!
❤ He offers multiple corrections in my 'terminology'
❤ He wants info for cleaning out. To enema or not to enema?
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ He goes from self play, to sharing about it, to pegging!
❤ He wonders what scenario I would design with erotica, chastity and pegging?
❤ His conservative GF lacks enthusiasm but is willing, he is demuring
❤ He wonders how wife can fuck him with handheld dildo during PIV


SexAfterMarriage.org  by Michelle Rene
Podcast #112
Keep it Clean, People

ErgoFlo Director Bulb Syringe
Spare Parts Sasha harness
Spare Parts Bella harness
Aslan Leather Minx
Je Joue Nuo
Lelo Hugo


2 Responses

  1. Another great show! I found the discussion about enemas interesting and I have a comment. We use medium sized dildos for pegging and they are long enough that they reach the sphincter between the rectum and the colon. With any withdrawal and re-penitration eventually you get a big mess. I find if I can fill myself up with a full enema bag it gets enough water up into the colon so this does not happen. As you said it is very important to wait after the enemas before play time

    Alas one other mystery is solved (amusingly humiliating as it may be). I have always wondered why my wife does not need to go threw such elaborate clean up before anal sex. Apparently my cock unlike the dildos is not long enough to reach the 2nd sphincter

    Thanks for everything you do,


    1. This one did give me a laugh out loud, I must say. The advantages of a shorter penis! Plus, as much as men seem to want more length, for PIV it’s just a cervix pounding experience for me. 🙁

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