Podcast #188


Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #188

❤ Dedication to those who didn't contribute to the Bisexual Podcast
❤ Patreon Update
❤ He recommends the Lelo Hex to cover big toys
❤ Comments on #186
❤ More thoughts about Shame and Societal conditioning of Men
❤ He offers information re Vagus nerve implants
❤ She's looking for general beginner technique suggestions
❤ They are looking for beginner equipment suggestions
❤ He wants to explore pegging, she's reluctant. Help?
❤ Pegging Celebration Time
❤ Their first time Valentine's eve brought a surprise 2 hours later
❤ Webinars on Zoom
❤ Black Panther - go see it!


Articles and Information
Lelo Hex Condoms
Terry Gross Podcast re Vagus Nerve Implant devices
Podcast #120 - Equipment Podcast
Podcast #112 - For the Women

Fuze Double - the Tango
Fuze Single - Harmony
We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibe


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