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❤ He wants to generalize all 'FemDom' women as treating men badly
❤ Ruby talks about labels
❤ The Letter of Introduction - A Lost Art
❤ SESTA/FOSTA fucks over Sex Educators
❤ New Event Ticketing Platform
❤ He seeks info about going past the 2nd sphincter
❤ Crowd sourcing replies to #195 guy who had pain after pegging.
❤ They seek better equipment - where to start?
❤ His GF is not very receptive when he brings it up  help?
❤ She's enthusiastic when pegging but he wants her to read and research about it
❤ They wonder about stats for how popular pegging is?


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  1. Hi Ruby
    The question on getting past the second sphincter was wonderful timing as I was going to write in.
    I have a few toys that are great for extra reach and some not specifically designed for it.
    Taking some time for me, I was using a beaded plug from Tantus that is similar to the Ripple. Unfortuneately, it has been discontinued. It’s a long toy with a insertable length of 250mm. 10″ to you. To ad to the fun, I have a knock off of the Hitachi vibe that I was using on the base. It was super relaxing and the first bead being 25mm (1 inch ) makes sneaking past the second sphincter easy. I use the lube shooter to make sure there is plenty of slip to facilitate the path of any long toy. Now for the fun part. My favorite toy is the Echo handle which has also been discontinued, and this is the one I love to fuck my arse with. I decided to see how some vibrations on the base would feel. It was amazing and was having a wonderful time and although I could feel it hitting the top, I just liked the feel.. Then with a little pressure on the handle, The second sphincter relaxed, and in went the toy. The echo handle is not a huge toy. The widest part is on the head at about 30mm. 1.5″. But the sensations were amazing. It was like my whole bottom end was alive with pleasure and it was different to the feel of being stretched with a huge plug. Normally, about 150mm (6″) would make it’s way in. But all 255mm (10″) slid in. I can’t begin to describe the feel. It was intense and incredibly pleasurable and with just the wand vibe gave me my first hands free orgasm.
    I have managed this twice more and feel the key is extra lube and be as relaxed as you possibly can.
    I am now looking at some long toys and have found some interesting silicone ones that are tapered and very flexible.
    Keep up your brilliant work and it was great to hear your feeling much better.

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