Day 11 – The Curve

"Feel this." Her voice was low and provocative.

She placed his hand on her ass cheek, so he could feel it, all of it. The silkiness of the panties, how they rode up high, exposing so much soft flesh, the garter that delectably bisected her ass cheek, and the feel of that curve. Oh God, that curve! Right where her ass met her leg, the feel of that brought forth a ferocious passion in him, every time. Of course she knew that.

He groaned. The blindfold wouldn't let him see a fucking thing! But she was allowing  him to feel everything, bit by bit, in the order she chose, for as long as she chose. Everything was of her choosing tonight. She was driving this train. He was a very willing passenger. He was naked, she was not.  She was standing in front of him, no doubt dressed to tantalize him, if only he could see it! It felt amazing. His cock was raging, and likely dripping. He couldn't see it, so he didn't know if it was or not.

His fingers trailed along the bottom of her ass cheek and snapped the garter, unexpectedly.  She laughed softly and quickly grabbed his hand, removing it from her ass. Uh oh! Penalized.

Taking both of his hands, she placed them on the swells of her breasts above her bra. That particular bra barely covered the girls, and she traced his fingers lightly over the soft tops of them.

Leaving his hands there , she suddenly grabbed his hard cock, smearing his pre-come over the head. She savored his reaction; a sharp intake of breath followed by a soft moan. They'd been playing this game for a while now, and that was the first she'd touched his cock. She knew the contact was electric for him, his senses heightened from the blindfold.

She let go of his cock, moved back a bit, and his hands fell to his sides. She dipped her fingers into her wetness.

"Be still."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She brought her fingers up close to his nose.


He inhaled deeply and instantly recognized the scent.

"Oh Jesus, Sheri! I'm dyin' here!"

"Really? You look like you're doing just fine, Garret." She grabbed his cock and squeezed, producing another lovely gasp.


Yes! He'd been hoping those fingers were going to end up in his mouth. He eagerly sucked on them, savoring the flavor of his favorite woman, dripping with excitement...


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