Day 12 – Tonight

She texted him right after lunch. Sexted him, actually.

~Hey handsome! I want your ass tonight.

Whoa! That was the first time she'd ever been that direct about it. They'd been exploring pegging for a few months now, just 4 times so far. It was new territory and they were still a little shy about it. The last time he'd pulled the harness and dildo out and just held it up to her with a smile. Somehow it was easier doing that than actually opening up his mouth and asking for it. He had such a hard time asking to get fucked. Perhaps because he  wanted her to really want it, and whether she did was still a little unclear.

She was game, and seemed to enjoy it. But he initiated it every time, which frustrated him. He longed for her to express more enthusiasm, but honestly felt thankful just to have a partner who would actually fuck him. He hoped she might grow to love it as much as he did.  Wasn't going to start complaining, though. Oh, hell no! He was a lucky man.

All this went through his mind in a flash as he thought about his response. She seemed pretty clear about wanting to fuck him right now! He wondered what changed.

His phone dinged again as he was holding it.

~I want you underneath me, flat on the bed as I push deep inside you. I want to own you.

Damn! For just a second he hoped someone hadn't stolen his wife's phone and then realized he was being silly. This was just so unexpected.

~My ass is yours, my Love. All yours. Always. As is the rest of me!

He typed the words quickly and pushed send, feeling stirrings best not felt at work.

~Good. Because I have big plans for you tonight. Remember that other toy we got? The one that was a little too big to start with? I am going to bury it inside you, sweetheart. All the way. Tonight's the night.

Fuck! He squirmed in his chair. All of a sudden he felt like everyone in the office could just look at him and know he was sexting his wife about her fucking him in the ass tonight. Exposed, that's how he felt.

He grabbed his phone, left his desk and went to the bathroom. He chose a single one at the end of the hallway, went in and locked the door.

~Damn, you've got me so turned on! I'm sitting in the bathroom with a hard-on!

Stroking his cock, too, but he didn't tell her that.

~Are you? Call me, sweetheart!

Did he dare? A quick calculation that the noise of the fan was loud enough to cancel out noise he might make, and he dialed her number.

"Hello, big guy!"

"Hi!" He laughed a little nervously. Of course he was nervous, he was sitting in the bathroom of an equities firm with his hand wrapped around his cock, fully expecting to jerk off in the next few minutes. Move along, nothing to see here.

"Is your hand on your cock?"


"Are you thinking about me fucking you?"

"Oh God, yes!"

"Good. I want you to stroke yourself and listen. And don't come until I say you can, m'kay?"

"Got it!"

"When you get home, I want you to strip naked as soon as you walk in the door. Just leave your clothes behind. Jump into the shower and clean up for me.  I'll be waiting for you when you're done. I'm going to bend you over the side of the bed, spread your legs and slide a finger right inside you, because your ass is going to be so ready for me.  A finger, deep inside you, teasing that spot you love."

He stroked his cock, sliding the foreskin up and down.  Wherever she'd gotten her inspiration today, he didn't care.  This was unreal!

"Then two fingers, and you'll struggle to take them, because I'm not going to give you much time to adjust. I can't wait to see that big toy sliding deep inside you. You're going to pull your ass cheeks apart and ask me to fuck you with it. Do you understand?"

"Oh Yes, Ma'am!" He'd never called her that in a sexual manner, but it seemed to fit right now. She was really taking charge! He took his hand off his cock so he wouldn't come. Bit of a hair trigger; he was so excited. Phone sex at work and getting fucked tonight!?

"Honey, I'm so close!" His voice was a bit tortured.

"Mmm hm. When you pull those cheeks apart and offer me that sexy ass of yours, I'm going to fucking take it and make it mine. And I'm going to fuck you hard and deep for a long, long time, until you beg me to stop."

His cock throbbed and was right on the edge of exploding.

"Oh God, Honey, may I come please?....Please?"

"Listen carefully, sweetheart. You asked so nicely! But...I want you to take your hand off your cock...and put it away. Go back to your desk and I'll see you when you get home.


"Do as I say!"

"But I'm...but..." He sounded so whiny. He felt whiny, too.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass tonight?"

"Of course I do! Yes!" He was still whining. He also wanted to come right then more than anything.

"Then put it away. If you come now, you don't get fucked."

Well, that was clear.

"Shit! You're serious."

"I am."

He didn't want to come right then more than getting fucked tonight, he was quite clear about that, so he shoved his cock back into his pants. Damn it!

"Okay. Done, Ma'am." He reported in a defeated tone.

"Good boy. I'll see you tonight, handsome. Bye!" She hung up the phone before he could even respond.

Jesus! That was quite a ride she just took him on. He wasn't sure how he felt about it.

After he finally calmed down enough to go back to his desk, he was hot as fuck.

Five o'clock couldn't come fast enough.


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