Day 14 – A Precursor to Submission

It's been a very long week for me. I've been through the wringer and you know it. As the week progressed you let me know that you had a very special evening planned for me. You hinted at a new toy.

So it's finally Friday night, and I'm leaving work. Before coming home, though, I stop at a bar for a beer. I need to sort out some things in my head before I walk through the door and become your submissive.

Don't get me wrong. I want it, even need it. But I just have so much...testosterone is what I'd call it, built up inside me, and it doesn't exactly lend itself to submission. When I think about you, I want you, of course. But I don't picture submitting. I am lusting after you and your body.  I want to have you tonight. I finish my beer and head home.

As I walk through the door, there you are, in matching deep pink garter belt, bra and panties that I've never seen before. Your purple stockings are lacy and match the purple in your hair. You hold the new toy you plan on using on me quite matter-of-factly. It's black, and looks thick and long. A part of me starts to drool.

"On your knees, my Love." In the tone of your voice, I hear all the things you want to do to me, things we both love.

I don't move, and you look at me questioningly. I lose it. I can't help myself. Slowly and confidently I walk over to you and push you back against the wall with my body. My right hand reaches up and gently holds your face, fingers lightly tracing through your hair. I kiss you. You know the kind of kiss. That deep, fervent, and intensely connected kind. The kind that takes your breath away from the sheer connected passion.

My other hand pulls you close to me, pressing your body against mine. I caress your ass and leverage you tightly against my happy cock. Then, never breaking our kiss, I trail my hand up to your breast and let my fingers linger against your nipple until I feel it become hard under my touch.

We kiss for a long time, until we both need to catch our breath a bit. I pull you into a relaxed hug and you soften against me. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. Once there I turn you around, your back is against my chest. My hands continue to lightly tease your body, fingers tracing the seams of your lingerie.

You begin to protest, wanting and expecting to take control, but I silence you with my lips, lightly nibbling at the nape of your neck while my hand ever so gradually slides down into your panties. You protest a little more, but softly. You even tell me to stop for a moment, but just then the tips of my fingers dip into your wetness and I feel your body melt against mine. A soft moan escapes your lips. I smile to myself. I got this.

There's no going back now. I have carefully and surreptitiously asserted myself into your plans, allowing my testosterone-fueled lust a looser rein. I slide my fingers through your hair and firmly grab a fistful of it. Not roughly, but sternly, I push you down face first and bend you over the bed. You weakly try to resist. My fingers are still softly stroking the wetness between your legs, and I gently kick your legs apart to give myself better access. You acquiesce, wanting more of my fingers. I keep hold of your hair while I unzip my pants and pull out my stiff cock. I slide those silky pink panties to the side and, without hesitating, slide deep inside you. One long stroke and I'm buried in you, marveling like I do every fucking time, at the heat and wetness that now surrounds me.

You writhe on my cock, practically begging me to fuck you with the way you move your ass. Finally I pull almost all the way out, as slow as I can manage, then firmly push all the way back in, excruciatingly slowly.

I continue fucking you, with a pace slower than either of us wants. My hand still clutches your hair and your face is pressed into the mattress. Your eyes had been closed though most of this but when you open them you find yourself face to face with one of the cocks you were going to fuck me with...mere inches from your face, and nowhere near my ass. But you don't care.

You're so turned on now that any self-imposed restraint is gone. Your hand goes to where my fingers were between your legs, and you play with your clit while I fuck you. Your fingers fly and you work yourself up to a heightened state rather quickly.

You beg me to fuck you harder and faster, but I don't allow you to dictate the pace. I continue with the slow, firm motion, drawing an orgasm out of you as unhurried, and as gradually as possible. Finally you come. Wetness runs down your legs, covering my cock. The sounds you make are inspiring.

Suddenly, I pull out of you, pick you up and place you on the bed, on your back. I'm not finished with you yet. I throw my clothes off with lightening speed; a man on a mission.

I slide your panties off quickly and mount you missionary-style. You begin to wrap your arms around me, but I stop you, grab both of your wrists and pin them above your head. I hold them there as I slide in and out of you. I lean up a bit so I can take in the sight of all this. You look into my eyes and see how full of lust they are for you. You struggle a bit, just to charge me up more.  My chest is starting to shine with sweat, with the effort of my lust, and my restraint.

I want to fuck your harder and faster. You can tell. But even though I am driving this bus, I'm concerned about your pleasure. I want to fuck you just how you like it; those slow, firm, measured strokes that just keep coming. You love that kind of fucking. So that's what I do, for as long as I can, until sweat drips off my forehead onto your beautiful breasts.

Finally I begin to get close, and a powerful rush of emotions hits me. It feels like all my built-up testosterone washes over me and then lets me go. I bury my face into your neck and release your hands. I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight against me as I begin to fill you with my come. As my orgasm subsides, you sense that it was just the last bit of me that I needed to get out of the way before I could fully submit to you.

We hold each other close, until my cock softens and slips out of you. I roll off you and snuggle into your arms, not caring where our combined juices end up. You bring my chin up with your fingers so you can look me in the eyes. I know they are softer looking now than when I walked through the door. More willing, you'd even say.

"Feel better?" You sound happy, and amused.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good. Now clean up your mess." You push my head down between your thighs. In that moment, I realize I have a long night ahead of me. You let me have my way, sure. And now you were going to have yours.

"Yes Ma'am. Gladly."


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