Day 22 – Pizza Man

A long time fantasy. the spontaneity of it is what's appealing. Fucking a handsome stranger.

He shows up at my door and I've been watching porn but hunger finally won out and I call for a pizza delivery. In between the time I order and the time he arrives, I go back to my porn.

So when he rings the bell, I have to pull my fingers away from my clit, pause the screen showing the cock sliding in and out of a beautiful ass, and answer the door.

I'm wearing a royal blue silk robe. My nipples are hard through the fabric. I wonder if he'll notice.

Of course he does. That's the perks in a job like this; the women you get to fuck.

He's tall, with long black hair in a man bun. I can't help but picture myself fucking him doggie style, holding onto that beautiful hair as I slam into his ass and listen to him moan.

All that streaks through my mind in a second or two, and I hand him my credit card. He swipes it and smiles at me, handing me the pizza, which I place on the coffee table. I sign the receipt and stand there, wondering.

"Come in for a while?" I ask the question like it's no big deal,  like I do it all the time; fuck the pizza man.

"I'd love to." His smile is wide as he replies. He steps through the door and says into his phone, "Going on dinner break, back in 30." He presses send and shuts the door.

The man bun comes down, my robe comes off and he's bending me over the back of the couch, fucking me, just like that.

"Don't you dare come!" I throw the words back at him as he pounds me in a way that leaves me breathless.

"Yes, Ma'am!" I admire his control as he grabs my hips and fucks me good and proper, for a nice long time.

After I've had my fill of his cock, squealing with my climax, I push him off me and bend him over the back of the couch. My tongue goes in his ass and I pull his cock back, jerking it off between his legs.

The pizza man, his black hair loose and sexy around his shoulders, comes hard and loud in my hand, my tongue deep in his ass. I turn him around, take him in my arms and kiss him hard. We hold each other for a bit, kissing softly.

Finally we move apart. I grab my robe and he pulls his jeans up.

That moment happens when you have just fucked a stranger who you have not even exchanged names with. Could have been awkward. But he takes me into his arms again and kisses me, in no hurry to leave.

"Pineapple and Canadian bacon tomorrow night?" He asks when he finally pulls away.

"Yes, please." I smile.

I watch his sweet ass and beautiful long hair walk out my door, and wonder just how much pizza my budget can afford...


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