Day 23 – Homecoming

She said she'd be there to pick me up at the airport.  I could hardly wait to see her. After a week away, I was seriously out of sorts. I missed serving her and cooking for her. I missed her kisses and my bedtime spankings. I missed jerking off. I missed getting fucked most of all.

First off the plane, I set a brisk pace to the baggage claim. That's when I saw her, in one of the chairs off to the side.  My cock jumped in its cage.

Thigh-high black leather boots and the dark red lipstick that always made me weak in the knees. Those are the first things I saw. When she looked up and smiled at me, I saw the key hanging on its chain around her neck and my cock jumped again, loudly complaining inside my head.

My week away had been eventful, to be sure. Every night after I finished my work, I'd text her and let her know I was ready. She'd call me on Skype and tease me, in a variety of ways. Twice she read me erotic stories that spoke directly to my desires. Then there was the night she fucked herself to a moaning orgasm with a large toy.  Once I was treated to a 15 minute amateur porn clip of a guy getting fucked slowly and sensually, and making lots of noise until finally as she hammered into him from behind, he came all over the bed with nothing touching his cock. We'd been working towards that; a hands-free orgasm. I hadn't gotten there yet.

The night before I left for my business trip, she'd fucked the shit out of me every which way for 2 hours and we both came twice. The next morning she'd fastened my cage on right before I walked out the door. I was surprised, turned on and a little scared. We'd only used it for play before. This was something new.

That travel day I was hyper-aware of it, thinking everyone could see it. It was a soft silicone, though, and no one was the wiser.

In my hotel room that night, the teasing started. She'd asked me to text her when I was back in my room and finished with work. I squirmed as she read me a story about a guy getting fucked by his wife. She admonished me not to play with my ass, and then said goodnight.

Each night, whatever she chose to tease me with made my cock yearn for not only release, but simply enough room to get hard, which it didn't have in the cage. I grew to enjoy the constrained feeling, but still yearned for release. After a week I was a bit frantic for it, frankly.

So the sight of the key affected me. She stood and walked up to meet me with long strides in those amazing boots. We hugged and she pressed herself against my needy, locked up cock.

Baggage in hand, we made our way to the car. I couldn't wait to get home and experience whatever she had planned for me, of course expecting an orgasm at some point. What I wasn't expecting was that she wouldn't make me wait that long. We went up to the uncovered top level of the parking structure, which was practically deserted. That was my first clue.

Suitcases in the car, and then the fun began.

She commanded me to take off my clothes. All of them. I kind of freaked out a little, and then I got turned on by the idea. I looked around and saw 5 cars and absolutely no people anywhere. She'd parked the car in a corner and we stood between the car and the wall. Off came my suit, shoes, and everything. I handed them to her and she threw them in the car, all except my tie. There I stood, wearing nothing but my cock cage. The breeze against my skin and the warm sun felt good. I loved being naked at home, but this was different.

She unzipped her jeans to reveal a short strap-on with rather imposing girth. The lines of it had been hidden by her long shirt. She used my tie to bind my hands together, pulled me to her and kissed me with those dark red lips, smearing them and leaving lipstick on mine. Perhaps it was the circumstance, but it felt like the most passionate kiss she'd ever given me.  Then, unceremoniously, she bent me over the waist-high wall, looking out over the airport, 6 stories up. Lube was retrieved from her purse and she kicked my legs apart a little further before resting the head of her toy against my ass.

No foreplay. Just a thick cock sliding into my ass slowly but insistently. I was thankful we'd played with big toys before; it was at the limits of my capabilities. Her voice started behind me and in my ear, telling me what a good boy I'd been for her, how proud she was of me, how much she missed me. Then she started talking about how much she missed fucking me as she grabbed my hips and gave it to me harder. Then she started giving me a narrative of how hot it was to see her toy sliding into my gorgeous ass and hear me moan each time in response.

I don't think I lasted 5 minutes, but I wasn't timing it. I do know it felt like forever, like I was short-circuiting somehow. The sensations in my ass were out of this world; so intense I was glad for the wall to lean on because I feared my knees would give way.

She fucked me hard, and kept up her narrative dirty talk until something gave way inside me, my entire pelvic region tingled and suddenly I felt a powerful orgasm overtaking my whole body. I felt the spasms and felt come spurting out of my cock, still tight inside its cage.

The red lipsticked woman in the boots behind me kept fucking me as I came, and the spasms just kept coming and coming until I thought I would evaporate there in the bright sunlight from pure pleasure.

Finally she stopped, and again told me what a good boy I was; how proud she was of me. I was leaning heavily on the wall as she pulled out of me, a little too quickly. She wiped off the toy with a towel she got from the car and then tucked it back in her jeans. She wrapped me in a blanket, and told me to get in the car.

It felt surreal, sitting there with my whole body tingling. My ass was still slick with lube and I could feel the wetness of my come inside the cage. She touched up her lipstick and we were off. I was grateful there was no kiosk and no one to see my flushed, lipstick-smeared face. I traveled a lot, so we used the lane for pass-holders.

I had no words on the 15 minute ride home. None. I was just floating. She didn't talk, just let me float.

She pulled into our garage, turned off the car and shut the door behind us.

Her hand reached for mine and squeezed it.

"Welcome home, Honey."

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