Day 24 – A Moment

We are at the toy store, Raymond and I.

The first time I took him there he was mortified. He almost wouldn't get out of the car. And it isn't one of those dirty, icky places, either. It's a brightly lit, clean and well-stocked store with helpful salespeople. They mortified him even more. If there was a way to be invisible while we chose our new toys, he would have done it. People coming up to him and asking him questions about sex freaks him out, or at least it used to.

Raymond is a bit of a newb in the territory of sexual exploration. I'm working on him, though, and he's doing really well. I'm not sure how he thought things would go when he asked me out, but my profile was pretty open about my kinks. He told me he's itching to try them all, but asked if we could go slow.

I'm down with that. He's worth it. Our trip to the toy store today is one more step along the slow road to Kinksville.

We've already established that he loves me to sink a nice fat dildo into his ass while he's tied to the bed. He's embarrassed that he loves it so much; that whole masculinity issue that men who discover they love to get fucked typically go through. He's over it, but still shy about it.

Fun part is that I use that as a reward, now. Each time I push him a little more and he does well, he gets fucked as a reward. Quite the incentive for Raymond.

We walk around the store and eventually circle back to the dildos. He wants to size up; that's why we are there. An androgynous, tattooed salesperson helps us choose the right one, never asking who it is for, only harness compatibility questions. My guy pretends it's not for him and I let him. I send him to the front of the store to pay and head back to the corner filled with the scent of leather.

There are beautiful whips and floggers and all manner of mouthwatering things hanging there. Someday we'll try impact play, but all in good time. I reach up to take down a leather riding crop and swing it to test the balance and flexibility. I'm impressed. It's well made.

Then I hear his voice, loud, from all the way across the store.

"Serena! Yes! Bring it!"

My head snaps up to see him standing in line, one person in front of him. He points at the crop I'm holding, gives me a thumbs up and waves me to him. A couple of people chuckle at the exchange. They don't know who's going to be swinging it, and like the dildo, I don't care.

I beam at him when I get to the front. He pays and we head back out to the car.

His hand has the key in the ignition, and I stop him.

"Whoa there. Hold on a second, babe." He looks at me questioningly, with a look that says he'd prefer to just let this go by and not talk about it; his usual MO.

"We just had a moment! Ray, that was awesome!"

He looks down at his lap and his cheeks redden.

"I suppose we did." He can't quite meet my eyes.

"Well done. Very well done. I love the way you were brave enough to shout across the store to me - that's huge! I'm so proud of you."

He's still looking at his lap. "Thanks, Serena."

"So...were you thinking maybe I could try this out on you tonight?" I hold up the crop.

His head comes up and looks right at me, his eyes fairly sparkling while a grin tugs at his mouth.

" Ummm...I was thinking maybe you could try both of those things out on me tonight, actually."

"Champion idea." I’m grinning as wide as I ever have.

I scoot over next to him on the bench seat, my thigh against his, and buckle in. I hold his hand and say one word.



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