Day 25 – A Different Moment

I pull my '71 Impala Sport Coupe into a parking spot some distance from the door. Serena is used to it. This car is my pride and joy; completely restored. I always park far away from other cars.

We're on another adventure  to get sex toys. These adventures are a requirement with Serena. When I found her profile on the dating site I suspected I'd hit gold. The question was whether I had the courage to go for it. I decided I did, and life has definitely been an adventure ever since.

Serena loves strap-on sex, something I desperately wanted to explore. I'd spent way too much time jerking off to my fantasies about it, and wanted the real thing. But I was nervous as hell about it. Serena agreed to go slow with me, thankfully. She did. It was awesome.

So this is our third trip to the toy store. The first time I almost didn't get out of the car. I was simply too embarrassed. At least I'm better on that account, I smile to myself as we walk in the door. I asked for this trip, truth be told. I wanted a bigger toy for Serena's strap-on.

When she said we'd take things slow, she kept her word and fucked me with a small toy at first. I was instantly hooked, and immediately wanted more. I mean, holy fuck. I've never felt so much pleasure in my life! When Serena slides that toy inside me, I just melt. I'm hers. We get down to the business of taking care of my ass at least twice a month. I'd take it every night if I could, I swear. At least I know I'll get it good every other Saturday.

Today, we wander around the store for a bit before heading over to the dildos. A person with lots of tattoos comes to help us. I carefully watch my language so they don't know it's for me. I find just what I want; short and thick.

I smile at Serena with the 'let's go' look. She says she'll meet me up at the front. I watch her walk back to the whips and floggers. When I'm almost up at the front of the line, I glance back, looking for her. I see her swinging a riding crop.

"Serena! Yes! Bring it!" My voice travels across the entire store and people look at us and smile.

The look on her face is priceless as she joins me. She's beaming. No doubt thinking about beating my ass with the crop. What she doesn't know is that I have a surprise for her. The crop will just add to the surprise.

Earlier today while Serena was doing errands, I tried on her harness. I'd been thinking about fucking her with it for a while now. I read somewhere that it's cool to be able to let go of the eternal cock balancing act and just give it to her as long she wants. That's the plan tonight. The toy is a little wider than my equipment, just because I can...and later it will feel amazing in my ass!

Every Saturday we play. We trade off having control. Serena definitely has more experience with the pegging, but we both know our way around the world of BDSM pretty well.

This is not a pegging night for me. This is my night to be in control of Serena. I get to drive the bus! And I am pretty damn excited about it. She's going to be so surprised.

We pay for the dildo and crop and leave. Back in the car, Serena scoots over next to me on the bench seat, and belts in, smiling.  She feels good next to me.

I can't wait to put my plan into motion.

Driving home I go through it in my mind.

Get home.
Blindfold her.
Lay her face down over that awesome cushion we bought at the store last time.
Tie her to the bed.
Tongue her ass until she's all squirmy and begging for more.
Come to think of it, trade off the ass tonguing and the crop, until her cheeks are hot and red and she's begging me for more.
Put in the butt plug with the remote.
Tease her with it while I put that new dildo in the harness and get it on.
Fuck her with it.
Fuck my lovely woman with her ass up in the air.
Surprise the shit out of her with something much wider than usual that needs no breaks and can go all night.
Right at the perfect moment, turn that plug in her ass up to high and watch her come.

That's the plan.

My foot presses on the accelerator impatiently.

We'll be home soon.


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