Podcast #202

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❤ He's self-consciously introducing her to his large toy self-play - help?
❤ He's looking for double penetration Pegging porn clips
❤ She wants to reprogram her husband to associate sex only with a strap-on
❤ He would like to incorporate pegging into their sex life - help?
❤ He got fisted by a pro domme - any other fisters?
❤ They peg, yes, but he shares a blog of their recent transition to a FLR!
❤ He wonders where the dating sites are for meeting older women who peg?
❤ He's concerned about hemorrhoids in conjunction with pegging
❤ He's still searching for the ultimate butt plug that stays in but thrills him
❤ She's wondering about leather care for her Aslan Minx
❤ He's considering enforced chastity - information?
❤ He really wants to explore his bum, but he's afraid!


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Terry Real - Relational Life Institute
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Your First Exploration of His Ass
The First Time - Take it SLOW

Je Joue Nuo Remote Control Butt Plug
NJoy Pure Plugs 2.0
NJoy Pure Plugs
Leather Harness to hold in Butt Plug
Njoy Purewand
Ergoflo Director Bulb Syringe


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  1. Ruby,

    In response to How to Clean Leather for the woman in this episode who was getting her hands… and hips… onto a Aslan Minx:

    One of my oddities is that I shave exclusively with straight razors. This requires a polishing before and after each shave on a leather strop to make sure the edge is clean and smooth. Those of us who shave in this fashion need to keep our strops in tip top (and clean!) shape. The way a lot of us do is using either saddle soap, or neatsfoot oil.

    Not only do there products clean, but they condition and protect for future use. In other words, you dont have to clean with these things every time… even every third, forth or fifth time. 🙂 Just a little wipe down in any soiled spots should be enough. (with the exception of feces.. you will want to do a little more to those areas!)

    If anyone tries these products, please keep in mind… a little goes a LONG way. Too much and you will have an oily/greesy feeling harness… no fun!

    Hopefully this is helpful!

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