Day 9 – The Saucy Tea Party

The soft ding of the doorbell sounded yet again, and Tyler hurried to answer it. His pale pink taffeta tutu bounced as he moved, and made quite a picture with his matching pink thong, black garter, black lace stockings and pink heels. His pink waist corset narrowed his middle fetchingly, and he'd coaxed his long black hair into a slutty mass of curls and then pinned part of it up. He felt like...a tart. A happy, sexy, delightful tart! Hips swaying, he pulled open the front door and greeted the newcomers.

The Saucy Tea Party was in full swing, and it was nothing short of marvelous!

Friends arrived in their white gloves, top hats, stockings, heels, trousers, suits and suspenders. So many luscious visuals; taffeta, silk, and velvet galore! Corsets, garters, jock straps and all manner of things appeared when coats were removed. Saucy, indeed!

The rule was to keep covered up until you entered the party. Once inside, whatever level of dress or undress you preferred was completely up to you. Want to balance that cup and saucer on your cock and balls? Feel free to try! At the Saucy Tea Party, you were invited to cast away any unwanted clothes, along with society's expectations that you wear them, and just be you.

Guests were also invited to leave behind the assumptions that corsets, stockings and heels were worn by one gender and top hats, suits and suspenders by the other. In fact, the binary was being rightfully cast aside tonight, with all it's wrongful, judgemental limitations. Anything and everything was not only just fine, it was celebrated.

"May I take your coat?" Tyler used this line again and again to urge the removal of outerwear, and the subsequent revealing of surprises underneath. It was cold outside, but the house was cozy warm. The sheer variety of discoveries thrilled him. Aaron removed his wool top coat to uncover garters and stockings above combat boots with full, unfettered cock and ball presentation. So nicely framed, Tyler thought, complimenting him.

Sometimes he used variations on the theme.

"May I take your skirt?"

After a hearty laugh Rebecca replied, "I thought you'd never ask!" She unzipped the back of her long red velvet skirt and simply let it fall to the floor. As Taylor bent down to retrieve it, balancing carefully on his heels, he came face to face with a big blue tentacle strap-on dildo!

It was his turn to burst out laughing and exclaim over her new toy.

"Someone shopped the sale at Bad Dragon!" He accused.

"Guilty as charged, my dear. Guilty as charged. Care to help me take it on its...inaugural voyage...a little later, perhaps?"

Tyler's eyes widened with desire. He folded Rebecca's velvet skirt and turned to face her.

"Excuse me...Did you just walk in the door, drop your skirt and proposition my ass?? Did that really happen?" His words were playful.

"It did indeed! I'm in a mood tonight, Tyler. I need to fuck something beautiful."

Tyler bounced a little with excitement, flouncing his tutu.

"Yes, yes, yes!" His eagerness made Rebecca laugh.

"Then let's do that, sweet thing. On one condition. You leave on everything from the waist down. I can already picture fucking your beautiful, tutu-clad ass, pulling that lovely pink thong aside."

Tyler blushed furiously and got hard.

"I can do that. Wait, let me rephrase that...I would love to do that!" They both laughed.

"Done. Make the arrangements, darlin'." Rebecca grabbed Tyler's swelling cock through the silky fabric and gave it a squeeze, provoking a moan. Then she waved her tentacle cock at him and walked away to join the party.

Tyler found the host and received permission to use the playroom later that night to play 'hide the tentacle' with Rebecca. He retrieved a good-sized butt plug and some lube from his bag, then headed off to the bathroom. Preparation was everything. Though he'd cleaned out before the party and hadn't eaten much in the past couple of days, he wanted to be ready for that toy. What he really wanted was to take that blue tentacle monster as deep in his ass as possible. He was drooling just thinking about it. In fact, now it was impossible to think about anything else.

Rejoining the festivities, plug in place, he swayed his hips more and gripped the base of it with his ass. Soon, he told his ass, soon! He sat there drinking tea (laced with Bailey's), eating a few crumpets and delicacies, all the while preoccupied with his forthcoming ravishment.

Saucy Tea Parties rocked.


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