Day 8 – Dancing With the Slink

Vanessa finally tired of dancing. She wiped off her sweat and thought about her morning.

New cock. Free breakfast. Cute guy. Great workout.

The flashing light on her phone caught her eye again. She'd noticed it earlier, but resisted the urge to pick it up. Dancing was her priority, always, especially when she was working out a new number.

A swipe of the screen popped up the message.

Hello, Vanessa. Mike here. Was a distinct pleasure crossing paths with you this morning. Thank you for leaving your card. I'd love to see you again. Coffee (again), lunch, dinner, a drink, or whatever you are comfortable with. Your choice. Have a lovely day. Mike

Vanessa smiled. Cute guy was interested, didn't use text speak and had manners! Mike kept surprising her. She liked that, because few men did.  And let's face it - she'd gone out for morning coffee with booty shorts and a cock. Who would have seriously blamed Mike if he let his little head take over, and started spewing the sexualized comments she was used to receiving? But, no! He made no mention of her completely inappropriate morning coffee outfit and simply expressed his desire to see her again, in whatever scenario made her comfortable. Admirable. Different.

She threw her booty shorts in the laundry, her cock in the bathroom sink, and jumped into the shower. Dancing with her new cock turned her on, so she dialed up a little shower massage. As the water sprayed down onto her clit, she surprised herself and thought about fucking Mike.

Encountering a man who approached her with confidence happened rarely in Vanessa's world. They were all so fucking intimidated. Despite her outfit this morning, Mike wasn't intimidated, and that alone thrilled her.

Toweling off after her shower, she sat on the bed with her phone. Somehow the text she had yet to write already had an edge of sexuality to it, but that was an illusion created by getting off in the shower while thinking about fucking him.

She shook her head for a moment and took a deep breath.

Hello Mike. Thank you for the breakfast this morning; it was an unexpected and welcome surprise. I'm glad I left you my card. Would you be up for dinner tonight? At The Black Swan? I would enjoy seeing you again. Vanessa


Mike heard his phone buzz and looked up. He was still breathing hard, trembling, and floating. It had been too long since he played with his toys. Vanessa had inspired him. That much was certain. Shortly after she sashayed out the door of the coffee shop in those booty shorts, he closed his laptop. The news could wait.

He texted Vanessa a polite message expressing his pleasure at meeting her, and his interest in seeing her again. But before he pushed send, he considered. Too soon. She left only 5 minutes ago! He scheduled the text to be sent 2 hours from then, and headed home.

Riding the elevator up to the 6th floor seemed to take roughly forever. Five people got on in the lobby so he held his laptop in front of his growing erection. His cock heard him thinking about the toys, and was clearly voting yes, in the only way it could. Jesus, do we need to stop on every...fucking...floor? Oh, good, we get to skip the 4th floor, at least! He rolled his eyes inwardly. The woman in the jogging suit who got off on the 5th floor smiled at him as she exited the elevator.

"Have a great day!" She said brightly.

"You as well!" He responded, thinking, you have no idea, honey.

Finally in his apartment, Mike locked the door behind him and dropped everything, heading straight to the shower. He took his time cleaning out. He wanted to go deep this morning. Too much time had passed since he'd felt that sensation. His cock still voted a clear yes to this course of action and he stroked it occasionally.

Clean inside and out, Mike pulled his toy chest out from under the bed. He pulled out the Slink, and then retrieved the lube and syringe from his bedside drawer. He spread out a Liberator blanket, grabbed a couple of hand towels from the linen closet, and was ready at last. His ass tingled in anticipation and he smiled. First he filled the syringe with lube and inserted it into his ass, depositing a good amount inside.

"Alexa, play my Slow and Sexy playlist."

"Playing Spotify Slow and Sexy playlist." Alexa responded. Music filled the bedroom.

The slender tip of the Slink went in easily. He lay on his side and began guiding the long toy into his ass, bit by bit, occasionally stopping to fuck himself with it. Waves of pleasure were already pulsing in his pelvis and his cock dripped freely. He needed to do this more often, Mike realized. Much more often.

Time ceased to matter as Mike pushed the Slink in farther, gasping at the exquisite sensations afforded him when it passed his second sphincter. There was something so all-encompassing about feeling it so deep inside him. It touched a place that was far more responsive and far-reaching than simple prostate stimulation. He started moaning.

Taking it slow (the only way you could take the Slink), with his slow and sexy music playing, Mike finally got the entire 11 inches inside his ass, and felt the blissful sensation of the widest part slipping inside, as his ass gripped the base of the toy.

Right then Ed Sheeran's song, 'Make it Rain', started playing.

Mike turned over and thrust his cock into the bed, making a wet spot in the soft fabric of the blanket. Then he turned over and grabbed the lube. One hand stroked his cock and the other played with his nipples as he inched his way towards orgasm.  He was determined to last the length of the song, edging himself without mercy, and much more slowly that his cock was begging for.  Ah, but his big head was still in control, Mike thought, and laughed aloud.

Gyrating his hips, he thrilled to the sensations deep inside him. He thought about Vanessa fucking him with her cock. That immediately sent him over the edge, spasming uncontrollably in a near full-body orgasm. Mike was loud, letting out a yell with every wave that went through his body, every clenching pulse that thrilled his ass and sent come shooting onto his belly.

He couldn't move for a while afterwards, as echoes of pleasure continued to make him tremble and swoon.

There he was, recovering, when his phone buzzed by the side of the bed. He wasn't ready to disengage from the Slink yet, so he checked his phone, and chuckled.

Hello Mike. Thank you for the breakfast this morning; it was an unexpected and welcome surprise. I'm glad I left you my card. Would you be up for dinner tonight? At The Black Swan? I would enjoy seeing you again. Vanessa

Well, that was exquisite timing.

He'd avoided dating for the last 6 months after being rejected twice for being too much of a freak with his ass toys. Those experiences still stung. Not eager for a repeat, he'd been taking a break from dating anyone.

Something told him Vanessa was different.

Mike was pretty sure it was her cock.


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