Podcast #198

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❤ He objects (rightfully so) to my original 'he's not gay' approach
❤ Another reading of: To the Awesome Ass Men
❤ He told his wife he would like to try pegging. She's not on board. Help?
❤ They went from pegging to fisting right away and she's looking to top it.
❤ He rants about the complaining from guys who are getting pegged!
❤ He offers personal experience regarding deep insertions
❤ Podcast with Kinky Abby about deep anal insertions
❤ He offers good information about Reverse Cowgurl!
❤ He offers link to new Vaginal Health website!
❤ He's looking for a specific toy from a porn video
❤ Webinar reminder!!


Articles and Information
Masturbation Month - His New Job
To the Awesome Ass Men
Podcast #112 - for the women
Podcast KinkyCast #140 - Kinky Abby - All About Anal - deeper insertions
Cuckold Ceremonies by Steve: pwh.steve@gmail.com
Vaginal Health Website: Great Sex After 35

Njoy Purewand
Babes-N-Horny Mack Dildo
Square Peg Toys Slink - deeper insertions
Bonnie Gayle's Sex Butter


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