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❤ 191/192 guy checks back in with his report - better!
❤ Pegging is good, but a little messy - he asks for tips and hints?
❤ She wants to try pegging, but gets ghosted by players after PIV. Tactics?
❤ He's new and asks a VERY general question
❤ Listener likes it when I get political and asks for more
❤ Ruby vents about expressed desires for porn in her webinars
❤ He waxes poetic about fisting and large insertions, looking for a partner
❤ Black man seeks pegging partner, married and on the DL
❤ Ruby vents about men looking for pegging in her blog comments
❤ Helpful guy advises men to find love, not just a body
❤ Ruby vents about the current atmosphere of censorship
❤ More Politics - An excellent podcast that explains about SESTA/FOSTA
❤ He wonders if a harness will help hold in a double?
❤ Victoria Blisse, a cheeky wench in the UK, describes her balance  between dominance and submission with her first pegging experience.


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Podcast "Reply All" #119 by PJ Vogt re: SESTA/FOSTA
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