Podcast #210


Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #210

❤ Patron/Donation Update
❤ Forum Topics
❤ He loves the B-Vibe Plug - it stays in!
❤ Pegging Celebration Time
❤ Tequila, a little bit of begging, and it finally happened!
❤ He shares some real data/stats on pegging!
❤ Her boyfriend approached her about pegging - best equipment?
❤ He had an awesome boudoir photo session and felt sexy!
❤ He thinks 21st century Cis Het Males yearn to feel sexy
❤ She wonders if the Fuze Tango is good for doggie style?
❤ He appreciates a newbie article (that I forgot about)
❤ Pegging Celebration Time
❤ He confesses self-play, requests pegging - She says yes! #112 paves the way a bit after a slow start
❤ He wants more pegging and doesn't understand why it's not happening


Articles and Information
Forum Thread - Getting' Our Freak On!!
Dr. Justin Lehmiller - Getting the Sex You Want
Sex Survey - Dulcinea Pitagora
Podcast #112 - for the women
Podcast #102 - Equipment
Mark the Marine Interview Part 1 & Part 2
Getting Down to the Bottom of Things With Pegging

B-Vibe Snug Plugs
Spare Parts Sasha Harness - Sexy!
Aslan Leather Minx Harness - Sexy!
Fuze Tango Double
We-Vibe Mini vibe
Fuze Harmony Single


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