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❤ Patron/Donation update
❤ Online resource for Dom/sub support
❤ Tom from Love Honey sends me a letter
❤ He puts leashes on his butt plugs, suggestions for leash material?
❤ His first experience was unexpectedly....emotional
❤ She loves pegging her sub, but he's sore afterwards
❤ Manly-man's wife likes playing with his ass! He's happy.
❤ Taking a larger toy does not make a receiver superior
❤ He's looking for the magic place where pegging women are
❤ She sends an awesome thank you for the Webinar
❤ He wonders what's with the role reversal and reverse fucking trends?
❤ New article on relationships with large age gaps
❤ Upcoming webinars


The Safe Words Club
Dangerous Lilly's Toxic Toy Information
New Article - Large Age Gap Relationships

Tantus O-Ring Set

5 Responses

    1. If you are looking for a relationship that includes pegging, first look wherever you usually look for a partner. Do not lead with the idea of pegging before you even meet them. Why? Because this makes women like me who are into pegging feel like a fetish dispenser – like the only thing you are looking for is pegging, not a relationship. Go on a couple of dates. Do not have sex yet. On the second or third date lay your kink cards on the table kind of like this:

      “So hey, we have a few dates now, and I’ve enjoyed them. I’d like to see more of you. Also, I wanted to let you know that I’m very open-minded sexually, and I’d like to eventually explore pegging. If that’s something you’ve had an interest in or are open to, I’m the perfect guy for you! If not, no harm no foul and we can go our separate ways. So what do you think?”

      Good luck!

      All the Best,

      1. Thank you, its hard for me, I’m an atheist middle eastern guy, as you might already know such things are taboo here even women find it a turn off and definitely refuse not to be in a relationship with you. But as an atheist I’m open minded to pegging I’m a submissive guy and i don’t believe i must be dominate just because i was born with balls ( as my culture says) this force you not to be yourself.
        But yes you are right sex and kinks shouldn’t be the only motivation behind dating someone.

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