Podcast #230

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #230

❤ Patron/Donor update
❤ Censorship response - he urges me to hang in there
❤ Gratitude response - he's lost 30 lbs!
❤ Parents talking to kids about sex
❤ Lanae St John - The MamaSutra
❤ Amy Lang - Birds and Bees and Kids
❤ Scarleteen
❤ She had trouble with the dildo falling out - suggestions?
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ They got there, slowly and erotically, and it was meh. Practice!
❤ He has many thanks, and a question about consent
❤ He sees pegging as sacred, but there's a risk of craving the penis
❤ He needs words to talk with her about exploring his anal pleasure
❤ He describes a very limited sex life and he craves more
❤ He says the (emotional) thrill is gone - advice? ❤
❤ They want a diameter less than an inch and length 7.5" - 8.0"
❤ He's looking for a harness that is also a dilator for her?
❤ Upcoming Webinars


Five Cringeworthy Mistakes Parents Make About Sex Ed
Tiffany Yelverton - Sex Coaching
AASECT - sex-positive therapists and sex coaches

Parent Sex Ed Resources
The Mama Sutra - Lanae St. John
Birds and Bees and Kids - Amy Lang
Scarleteen - Sex Ed for the Real World

Tantus Sport Long
Tantus Curve
B-Vibe Triplet Anal Bead plug with remote
Fuze Star Slim Dildo
Aslan Leather Minx Harness (comes standard with Doubleup Cuff)
Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness (does not include Doubleup Cuff)
Doubleup Cuff


2 Responses

  1. Hello Ms. Ryder,

    Just recently came across your website and I totally agree that seeing a professional can be an excellent idea. My first time was with a pro and it was a great experience. I saw her not long after I broke up with my first and so far, only long-term partner. As some one who was sexually abused as a child, it was a very powerful feeling of being able to, and then choosing to give my trust to another person. During that session thoughts of past horrors disappeared which made me less much anxious in bed than usual so it became easier to focus on being in the present.

    I felt compelled afterwards to ask if there was anything I could do to please her and she gave me instructions on how to pleasure her orally which I did for almost an hour. I was surprised later after showering, getting dressed and was about to leave, she came down the stairs and gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips.

    I saw her a few more times and on my last visit I was told she was no longer there so I don’t know what ever happened to her. This was many years ago and I hope that time has been kind to her.

    I have not been able to find anyone to peg me since and since discovering your website I have been thinking a lot more about it. I am now pretty certain that pegging would have to be a part of any future relationship but I know that is not going to be easy from everything you have written and said here.

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