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❤ APA says Traditional Masculinity is Harmful to Boys
❤ I am sexualized (that's different /sarcasm)
❤ The piece I wrote about sexualizing people
❤ Enzo waxes poetic about Pegging
❤ Ubu describes how she gets him to leave this planet!
❤ After my class she & new BF take slow road to pegging
❤ He's enthusiastic, she's not, will his self-play affect their PIV?
❤ They went to a therapist & Christmas vacation was HOT!
❤ Mismatched libidos causing him a lot of unhappiness
❤ Short piece of Erotica from a reader - "The Choice"
❤ Upcoming Webinar


APA says Traditional Masculinity is Harmful to Boys - Article
APA Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men

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Avant dildos
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Cushions to sit on or fuck
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6 Responses

  1. I listened to your program twice today, wondering if and how I should share that podcast to my wife., and I wanted to tell you how I heard about pegging and why I should had get pegged during 2012.
    I was living with my girlfriend in a big house. We made love each day when I came back from work. It was our double penetration period and we used to do this with a dildo. Afternoon afternoon, day after day, joint after joint, I’ve taken her by all ger parts, taking care of every exciting possibility that the house gave us. Then, after a dp on the bed,, my girlfriend did double blowjobs, then, pushed the dildo in my ass. At this moment, I was confused in my life, that brought me the doubt, and bucause of the fact that pegging is really emotional sexual activity, I had to decline when she asked me to bring back a strapon for tonite.
    Crazy I was I refused,
    And now, I get pegged very well sincerly. I’m served by a black queen, so I love it each time I get fucked, but, I just get it once a year, during wedding birthday (a little bit too much kinky i suppose). It’s short, but very intense. But now, I dream of my wife taking me on the sofa when she come back home late, I wish so intensly to get taken in the bed by surprise, and, more often, i hope seeing her wearing the strapon when I come back home. It’s hard sometimes, but it makes me meditate more on what the essence of pegging is.
    However, if you have an advice on how get pegged more often, I would like them.

  2. Hello Ruby

    Thank you so much for to listening to and responding to my messages and for all of the advice you offered. You were correct to assume that my partner and I are not in our 60’s. We are both in our 30’s, in good health and pretty fit. The fact that we both seem to be in great health makes it confusing that doctors have been unable to find any reasons for my partners pain during intercourse. At her last doctors appointment the doctor recommended her seeing a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists and to check for Vulvodynia, she hasn’t made an appointment yet but hopefully she will soon. You did mention removing PIV sex all together and for her I would be willing to use alternatives to PIV but I am not sure that I could go the rest of my life with out it. I really hope that we can find some help.

    I have been researching relationship counselors and therapists in our area but I have yet to find any sex positive therapists or ones that specialize in sexual issues with couples. I will be taking your advice and finally asking her for a date for pegging. I am just so frustrated with her usual responses of “Someday” if she never wants to explore that fantasy with me then I would just like to finally know. It would be sad to hear because that could be a hot PIV alternative.

    Thanks again for everything that you do.

  3. Hello again Ruby. You had spoken about my bedroom issues in some of your recent podcasts and I wanted to fill you in on a few updates.

    Recently my partner and I sat down and talked openly about our sex life and her overall low sex drive and there has been some positive changes. Although there is a lot of room for improvement it was good to let her know my concerns and I was quite honest in letting her know how unattractive and undesired I can feel because of our issues

    In regards to my fantasy of pegging I did ask her for a timeline as you had advised and I said that her usual response of “Maybe someday” was not fair to me. This time her responses were “It is something that I am willing to try for you” and “It will happen before your birthday” My birthday is still a few months away so fingers crossed.

    I still have my concerns about our sex life again regressing to what is had been or my birthday coming and going without a mention from her about pegging. I did text her the link to your recent webinar but she showed no desire to attend it.
    Another issue is that even with some improvement in the frequency of our sex I still have no idea of her fantasies and kinks or if she even has any. I hate feeling like she is judging me or that I am gross or weird because I have fantasies and kinks. After a good amount of research we did find a few sex positive therapists nearby so that is a serious option if things don’t continue to improve.

    Thanks for listening

    1. Thanks for the update. This sounds very positive! Know that it may take time, but slow progress in the right direction is still progress. I can’t recall if she has listened to podcast #112, but if not – this would be the best first step for her, and only require listening with an open mind.
      All the Best,

      1. My partner had listened to podcasts #112 when you first posted it in September of 2015. The fact that so many years have passed without any attempts to fulfill my fantasies and her usual habit of brushing off my questions about pegging had been another big red flag that made me question our sex life. Fingers crossed that things will continue to get better.

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