Podcast #236

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #236

  • Pegging Celebration Time
  • They are each other's firsts in everything, now including pegging!
  • He wonders, vibrating dildo or non-vibrating?
  • He shares why he has regrets about refusing pegging in 2012
  • His GF won't allow him to watch porn, and includes Pegging Paradise
  • He finally got pegged properly by a pro!
  • Pegging Celebration Time
  • She can't believe her fantasy came true!
  • So close, he's buying equipment...


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  1. Hier Ruby,
    Excuse me for my late answer but I didn’t saw that podcast before.
    But I’m pleased of your answer, ans thanks you for it.
    I’ll do a better comment later, but I wanted to thanks you for all what you said.


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