The Shooting Range

Would you ever go to a shooting range with me?

Only if you wore panties and a chastity cage.

Like I'd want anything else…

They'll be pink, with lace, and silky fabric that feels good against your ass. You will wish your cock could enjoy that silkiness, but alas; the cage. I'll watch you bend over to shoot and I'll grab your ass, helping you enjoy that pink loveliness. It will be a miracle if you hit the center of the target.

Oh, my God….

That constrained feeling of your cock will almost be painful, but you'll love the idea that it's for me. It will please me. I'll enjoy putting you through the torture of your cock straining against the cage, only allowed so much excitement.

Despite the panties. Despite the knowledge that I will take you home and bend you over the kitchen table and fuck you long and hard, with a toy that is wide and short, so I can pound into you as hard as I want to. And honey, I will want to.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

I know, right? Is that fucking exciting or what?!

And guess what, handsome? That cage will stay on! Why? Because it pleases me. Because the only way you will come, after taking me to that shooting range, is from me fucking your ass. Put the guns down, bend over that table and I will absolutely plow you, so I hope you'll be ready for it. Your ass will be mine, to do with as I please. That is our agreement if I go to the range with you. Understand?

Yes, Ma'am…

So if you can't get there, so sad, too bad. I will still delight in your moans and gasps, your begging if it gets too intense. You will be writhing, my sweet. I want all those testosterone-fueled walls down while I give you the fucking of your life. I want in. Deep inside you. I want to have a party with your ass.


And then I will pull out of you, drag you to the bedroom and have you on your knees next to the bed. I'm going to play in my wetness and come as loudly as I want. Because fucking you turns me on so much. I'll be close enough for you to inhale my scent.

And your cock will beg you to convince me that I should remove the cage so you can fuck me. You'll know better than to ask, though.

I will, yes…

After I come, I'll put my fingers in your mouth so you can taste me, taste my passion and pleasure.

Sure, I'd love to go to the shooting range with you.

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    1. lol – Well, I know there are folks out there who are mostly vanilla but have an interest in Pegging, and I don’t want to scare them off! That’s why I have 2 websites – this one and, which has all the informational articles but no kink. 🙂

  1. Wow! Does this strike a cord with me! I am a Texas gun nut. As my user name suggests I am a conundrum. I am a conservative gun loving man who works in the oil industry. I also love wearing panties daily and enjoy pegging and chastity play. This is awesome fapping material!

  2. Wowzers!! I actually HAVE been to the shooting range with my wife many times, and I’m usually wearing panties. Never while wearing the cage though., Hmmmm

    I’m sure my wife would giggle at the thought. The weekend is almost here and we could both use some trigger time. A strapon session while we still have the residue of lubricating oil and gun powder on our hands and clothes would certainly add a smell that we’ve never experienced before. Sounds HOT!

  3. I can’t get my wife to go to the shooting range with me, but this is really an interesting thought. I may have to try it on my next trip to the range. Sadly, I won’t get the pegging afterward–something else my wife won’t do with me.

    1. Have you tried podcast #112?
      I recorded a podcast for women to listen to after introducing them to the idea of pegging.
      It address all the usual fears and misconceptions, offers accurate information and emphasizes the *relationship*, not trying to convince. You need to listen to it first because only you can decide if it is appropriate for your partner. So far, this podcast has gotten rave reviews!
      Might not change her mind, but will at least give her accurate information and dispel any myths and misconceptions she may have.
      PLUS – make sure your side of the street is clean and you are keeping her as happy as you can. The happier she is the more motivated she will be to make you happy!

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