Podcast #241

Pile of large size dildos and a bottle of lube.
Tantus Hoss, General, & Hero. Blush Novelties Dayo and Sumo.

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #241

  • Patron/Donor Update
  • Reactions to Ruby's Coming Out
  • He has questions about toys to increase her pleasure
  • They are searching for a specific type of lady cock...
  • They are looking for a good harness for larger hips
  • They need a BBW and big toy harness
  • Charles needs help talking to his partner about pegging
  • He shares his excitement about their impending first pegging
  • He wonders what a good price is for pegging sex work?
  • His sexuality is evolving from Alpha to sub. How to broach subject of pegging?
  • She wants to do dirty talk, but it's so awkward! Help?
  • The evolution of Ruby's Webinars




  1. The pic looks like our toy drawer!

    1. Nice! At this point I have a toy cabinet…lol.

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