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Welcome to Pegging Paradise. Thanks for checking it out! Happy to have you here - along with the Tumblr peeps.

There is a LOT of information here about pegging. TONS. This blog just celebrated it's 9th birthday! Be aware that you will also encounter BDSM overtones, because that's what I am into. You can find a ton of information over at, too. There you'll find informational articles only with no BDSM included, if that is your preference.

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Another free option: Reddit/straightpegging - great group of people - helpful! No personal ads or porn pics there. Other pegging reddit groups are overrun with both.

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Happy Pegging!


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    1. You are welcome! MeWe is pretty cool, though I don’t think we have entirely escaped censorship, as one new pegging group was taken down, although their rule was ‘keep the pictures dirty and the conversation clean!’. In my group it’s pretty much the reverse. Photos are only allowed in one place, and otherwise it’s all about discussion.

  1. Well that’s is a good thing . Most folks who are interested in this could use some advise from us sex positive types. I be fine with toy pics. So do you have a open mewe now or was it censored to?

  2. Just found your site here couple days back. But forgot to reg up for it…….Some very good info here. I’m still probably considered a noobie….I might be considered……cuz I only been with one that “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.” mind set. A we gone out and got the equipment. The other never show much interest in it found out later she was researching it (Watching porn. lol) Anyways thank you for everything you done and will do in the future.

    Best Regards,
    Cory H.

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